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Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday 5 for March 8 2019: Parental Control

The following are from Scrivener's Friday 5 site.

Where Am I Goiing

1. Where do you think you’re going?

To work, then home, then work, then home, etc.

2. Who do you think you are?

I am... Me! Learn more here..... and here..... and here.

3. What’s gotten into you?

Lately too much fatty food, salt and sugar. Need to change my ways.... again. 

4. How do you expect to pay for all this?

With funds gained from work.

5. When are you going to come to your senses?

Perhaps when I stop answering questions like this.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Friday 5 for January 25: Teal This Record

The following questions are culled from Scrivener's weekly Friday 5 blog.

1. Where in Africa would you like to visit?

Far down my list on places where I'd like to visit, if there was a choice of Africa and I could afford it, and the government in whatever country I go to is stable, then some U.S. friendly country where you can see and photograph animals in the wild... think Serengeti plains.

2. If you ruled the world, what would you forbid people to talk about in the company of strangers?

I would not want to curtail free speech unless that speech is a threat upon the person or persons receiving it... so like no terroristic threatening stuff like "I am going to kill you"....

3. In what way do you tolerate (or enjoy) being used?

I don't. Next....

4. When did you recently have an a-ha moment?

Not recently... everything is grounded in harsh reality for me.

5. What’s something you know about turtles?

They are majestic sea creatures that should not be harmed. In fact several species in Hawaii are protected by federal law. They also make for cute animated GIFs that I can send to my friend.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Friday 5 for December 14: I Spy

1. How do you feel about candy sprinkles (on ice cream, doughnuts, cupcakes, or whatever)?

They make sweets and desserts look more appetizing, but do they really add to the flavor? Perhaps but it depends on the amount of sprinkles that are on the item. Mild sugar on top of plenty of sugar.

2. Where’s a good place to look at Christmas lights?

I don't go out and stalk neighborhoods for Christmas lights, but here in Honolulu, I have to say the annual Honolulu City Lights display at city hall remains a perennial favorite. You have to stop by and walk around the entire area to get a good look at it all. Some of the best lighted displays are inside the city hall building itself.

3. What’s a good idea for a drive-through service or product that doesn’t yet exist?

Here's some that will never happen: Drive through voting, drive through driver licensing renewals, drive through art museum, drive through grocery shopping, drive through bookstore, drive through record store, drive in church. Some probably have been tried, and if so, I am not aware of them. Hey how about drive in movies??? Hehehe. Too expensive these days.

4. How confident a parallel parker are you?

Next to uncontrolled left turn lanes at intersections, I generally try to avoid parallel parking unless I really have to.

5. How much plaid do you own?

Currently nothing. Long time ago I had a plaid long sleeve flannel shirt.

Questions generated from Scrivener.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Friday 5 for November 23: The Game’s Afoot

Oops... I forgot to publish this post... so from last week now, the Friday 5 questions from Scrivener's Friday 5 site are now here:

1. Where’s a nice place to take a walk?

Since I live in Hawaii, just about anywhere near the ocean or out in the country will provide a nice place to walk.

2. What do your everyday shoes look like nowadays?

Old and worn.

3. What separates a good pedicure from a bad one?

Cost - For free I cut my own toenails. Going to one of those pedicure places are 1. usually for women and 2. represent a 100% increase in cost from my free option.

4. When did you last go for a hike?

It's been ages.... actively last was in the 1980s.... otherwise most recent was in 1999... and maybe a short one on the Big Island in 2005 (Volcano) and 2015 (near Pu'ukohala Heiau)

5. What’s a good song with the word “walk” in its title?

My Top 5:

1. The Walker - Fitz & the Tantrums
2. Walk of Life - Dire Straits
3. Walking on Sunshine - Katrina & the Waves
4. Walk This Way - Aerosmith
5. Walk Out in the Rain - Eric Clapton

Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday 5 for November 16: Ice Is Forming on the Tips of My Wings

The following questions are from Scrivener's Friday 5 blog.

It's time to de-ice those wings before the plane crashes!

Hawaiian Airlines N580HA

1. How do you feel about passengers riding in front of you reclining their seats?

I hate it. Some airlines have done away with reclining seats.

2. What single aspect of airplane flight do you dislike the most?

Top 10 things I dislike about airline flights.

1. Severe Turbulence (but in general turbulence)
2. Cost (ticket prices, bag fees, change fees, etc.)
3. Bad weather (rainy, windy, stormy, worst on night flights)
4. Weird people/person seated next to you
5. People who leave their window shade down
6. The seat in front of you reclined all the way back
7. Lack of legroom on some planes
8. Sharing the cabin with dogs
9. Crying screaming babies / unruly kids
10. Loud groups of people

Pre-flight: I hate long TSA lines, some airlines that require check in with a stupid app, malfunctioning kiosks, premium clubs, high prices

Post-flight: Lost bags, missed connection, and hopefully not - crash landing!

3. What was your longest flight on an airplane?

I rarely travel, but as I recall the longest flight for me was when I was much younger.. Pan Am Boeing 707 jet from Honolulu to Seattle.

4. What’s your favorite way to pass the time on a long flight?

1. Listen to music on my iPod or other portable device.
2. Listen to an audio book or podcast
3. Watch videos
4. Read book or magazine
5. Take photos from my window seat (prefer window)

I rarely do any of the above since most flights I take are well under 40 minutes long. Spend more time at the airport doing the above things.

5. What are the best and worst things you’ve eaten on a plane or in an airport?

Best thing eaten in an airport: Yummy Korean BBQ plate.
Best thing eaten on a plane: So long ago I can't remember.

Worst thing eaten in an airport: Nothing really bad, but the worst thing is the amount of money they charge for airport food! Ugh! Expensive!

Worst thing eaten on a plane:  While not worst, peanuts seem to reflect the frugality of the airline industry at least back in the day... now you just eat air! (re: nothing).

Friday, November 2, 2018

Friday 5 for November 2: After ‘Im

These questions come from Scrivener's Weekly Friday 5 blog.

Save That Loose Change

1. What improbable feat did you pull off this week?

I survived with very little money for another week.

2. What will you do immediately following your completion of this post?

Eat my breakfast, prepare a short fact sheet for a client on how to back photos up to Google.

3. In what way is your life lately imbalanced?

My finances... way under balanced.

4. What recent impulse purchases have you made?

In my tight financial situation, I do not have the luxury to make impulsive or wasteful purchases. No concerts. No movies. No eating out. No new records or CDs. No Amazon. No nothing. Just concentrate on the basics. Life currently sucks.

5. What immature behavior have you displayed recently?

No disclosure.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday 5 for October 26: Not Shaken

Getting Ready for Veteran's Day

1. When are you the straw that stirs the drink?

I can't picture this. I don't stir drinks. I only drink water.

2. Who has delivered the most stirring rendition of your country’s national anthem?

I like this version of "The Star Spangled Banner" by the group Madison Rising:

Stand for the flag. Honor our country. God Bless America.

3. Who or what is stirring in your vicinity?

Rail. Development in my neighborhood. Higher Taxes. Do I need to say more??? I hate the rail.

4. What do you like and dislike in a stir-fry?

Like: Chicken, beef, salmon, a wide variety of veggies, lots of onions, seasoning, pepper, side of rice and maybe a scoop of mac salad.

Dislike: Grease, salt (not supposed to consume too much of it).

Steamed Stir Fry Salmom
My salmon stir fry. Yum.

5. How do you deal with feeling stir-crazy?

I have the ability to put things in their boxes, so whatever is driving me nuts, I try to put away and not deal with it. Find a distraction like movies, video, book or podcast to divert attention.... go for a walk... go outside.

Questions are from Scrivener's Friday 5 blog.