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Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday 5 for August 18: Homecoming

Happy Hawaii Statehood Day! :D

I haven't seen any Spiderman movie since Spiderman 3 with Toby Maguire in the lead role from 2007. Questions from Scrivener's Friday 5 blog.

Police Action

1. What’s the crime like in your neighborhood?

July 2017 HPD report to Ala Moana Neighborhood Board #11:

- Honolulu Police Department (HPD) – A sergeant reported the following:

• June 2017/May 2017 Statistics – There were 14/24 motor vehicle thefts, 11/7 burglaries, 169/158 thefts, 33/34 UEMVs (unauthorized entry into motor vehicles), 16/24 assaults, 3/5 sexual assaults, 1/0 graffiti incidents, and 13/21 drug offenses. Total calls for service were 5,754/6,177.

• Business Security Tips – Tips included installing a video security system, having address numbers visible from the street, and knowing the neighbors to watch out for each other.

Don Quijote – Ammons reported that a resident e-mailed him about loud noise and possible criminal activities at the laundry mat. HPD is aware of the situation and he will follow up with the Third (3rd) Watch.

2. If you could have attended one of those high schools with a specific academic focus, such as performing arts, studio arts, sustainability, science and technology, international languages and diplomacy, or some option you thought of yourself, which would you have chosen when you were thirteen?

Business and Technology - unfortunately they did not teach much of that in the government school system back in the day.... though I hear it may be worst now....

3. What was memorable about a party you remember from high school?

After our senior year dance we stayed at the hotel in Kona. We had some crazy party in the room and I remember calling one of our goofy teachers in the middle of the night (like 2AM in the morning) asking if his refrigerator was running. We were also jumping from bed to bed, playing loud music on the cassette player, eating and throwing chicken bones off the balcony of our 4th floor room or something. It was a long time ago. We were still stupid kids.

4. Which of your older relatives is (or was) the handsomest or prettiest?

My cousin Dorian was Miss Aloha Hawaii in 1972 and was first runner up in the Miss Hawaii pageant. Her talent was dancing the hula to the 1960s novelty song "Puka Puka Pants" that was recorded by JoAnn Campbell. She is a few years older than me.

5. What was homecoming like at your high school? How did you feel about it?

Homecoming was a big thing in small town Honokaa where only one government school serviced the entire area consisting of Honokaa, Waimea, Kukuihaele, Kapulena and Paauilo. Homecoming week consisted of something happening on campus daily for 5 days that led to the big football game of the season. We had like pep rallies, movies, intramurals and one year a gigantic water balloon fight. We also had a bonfire the night before the game and also a parade. Highlight for each class was to build a float and have it parade through town following the 2 bands from the community... the Honokaa County Band and the Honokaa High School Band. I was in the band. And then the big football game which as far as I can remember, our school always lost until 1973 and 1974, in which both years Honokaa was the Big Island Insterscholastic League (BIIF) champions. Honokaa's Class of 1975 which I was part seemed to win several of those parade float trophies or whatever as well as the pep rally stuff... probably because for our small school, we had one of the bigger classes at the time.

When the school turned 100 years old there was a large homecoming parade of a sort where a lot of the older classes showed up for still a special celebration. Some photos from that are shown below.

Honokaa town is laid out in such a way that it was always good to have a parade go through it.

The July 2000 Honokaa School Millennium Parade. Photos by Mel.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday 5 for August 11: Scattergories Part 7!

Japan Airlines Boeing 787-8 JA829J

What random letter was generated by the online random-letter generator (this doesn’t really count as one of your five questions)?

Questions from Scrivener's Friday 5 blog.

1. What’s something gross whose name begins with the letter? 

Some types of WORMS are gross, like um... MAGGOTS eating decaying, dead flesh. That whole scenario is gross.

2. What’s something crunchy whose name begins with the letter? 

* Waffles

 3. What’s something (or who is someone) you wouldn’t mind hugging whose name begins with the letter?

There are only 3 people in my Google Contacts list that start with W. I don't want to hug anyone on that portion of the list.

4. What’s something whose name begins with the letter and can be found on a passenger airplane?

  Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 717-200Wings

5. What’s something (whose name begins with the letter) you could purchase at a hardware store?

Weed Whacker
Window Frames
Window Shutters

Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday 5 for August 4: In Your Head! In Your Head!

The questions are taken from Scrivener's weekly Friday 5.

1. Which mythical monster would you most enjoy discovering (first- or second-hand) is real?

Loch Ness Monster - If it is real it is best that it stays in its lake in the U.K. and not be a menace to seagoing transport. Would love to see concrete, scientific proof that this beast exists. A series of great photos and videos would do the trick. Come on people in the U.K. Where are those GoPro cameras flying over Loch Ness trying to get images of the elusive beast.

2. When did you last exhibit monstrous behavior?

When I lost a 48 page legal document I was typing in the computer many years ago after the power cut out for a minute! Lesson learned: save your work as you go along.

3. What do you think of monster trucks?

I would not buy an expensive toy like that. It's fine for people who have disposable income and like that kind of vehicle to crush other vehicles. If the owners are doing it for a show and deriving income from said truck(s), then it is totally fine with me. I just would not own one myself.

4. If you like monster movies, what’s a monster movie you dislike? And if you dislike them, what’s a monster movie you like?

Monster movies I dislike: Probably most slasher type of movies - Friday the 13th, etc.

Monster movies I like:

1. ALIENS (the second in the series was the best, and perhaps greatest monster movie of all time).

2. THE FLY (1986 version with Jeff Goldblum)

3. BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS - Classic 1953 Ray Harryhausen stop motion animated movie that inspired all of the big dinosaur movies that followed.

4. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) - The original, low budget, black & white movie foreshadowed all of the zombie movies that followed. This is a good movie made on a shoestring budget.

5. GODZILLA, MOTHRA - The Japanese Toho productions made monster movies fun. Especially the ones with people in rubber suits dressed as gigantic monsters.

Honorable Mentions - MONSTER IN THE CLOSET (1978), CARRIE (1976), KING KONG (1933).

5. What song about a monster (or with the word monster in the title) do you really like?

My top 5 monster songs:

1. Zombie - The Cranberries
2. Monsters and Angels - Voice of the Beehive
3. Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon
4. Frankenstein - Edger Winter Group
5. The Monster Mash - Bobby "Boris" Pickett

Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday 5 for July 29: Off Balance

The following questions were posted to Scrivener's Friday 5 page.

1. What most recently made you giddy?

Nothing recently. My life is fairly mundane. I don't get giddily excited about anything. Things just happen. They may be good or they may be bad. Sometimes we never know.

2. What most recently left you agog?

The Diamond Head Lighthouse is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year and the U.S. Coast Guard is going to have an open house next month. Most certainly want to check this out. Prior to that, maybe going to my last rock concert to see Ringo Starr.

3. What most recently left you aghast?

My paycheck?

4. What in your life is the most higgledy-piggledy?

I would have to phrase that as "was" because for many years I was mired in household clutter. Had to get it all cleaned out last year. I sold or donated many books, records, tapes and CDs. I regret getting rid of several LPs.

5. What was your week a mish-mash of?


Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance - trippy old film from 1982 that is compressed into 5 minutes here.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday 5 for July 21: Let’s Get Physical

Questions from Scrivener's Friday 5 site.

1. How confidently could you turn a cartwheel right now? 

ZERO. I am too old to be doing this kind of stuff. Don't want to break a bone anytime soon.

2. How (physically) flexible are you?

Basically I am a walking stiff. ZERO.

3. How are your Frisbee-throwing skills?

Haven't thrown one in decades so I would have to rate it at a ZERO.

4. Which carnival game do you have the best shot at winning?

Never played carnival games because it is a way for them to take away more of your money in the hope that you may win something, usually useless like a stuffed animal. ZERO.

5. How good are you at toss-the-paper-in-the-wastebasket?

Fair. I sometime can get 2 points depending on how far away I am.

Thinking about this song right now:

Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday 5 for July 14: Mornings Are for Coffee and Contemplation

From Scrivener's Friday 5 blog:

"In honor of Barb somehow getting an Emmy nomination (look it up if you don’t know and you’re curious), five questions."

First of all who the heck is Barb? Never heard of her. Looked up Emmy nominations here: - Saw no mention of this person. Plus I haven't seen any of the TV shows nominated except for the first year of Better Call Saul on some pirate website. Because I am such a cheap ass and cut my cable years ago and watch mostly YouTube and free stuff that is old on free streaming channels, I don't keep up with current TV except for local and Fox News.

1. Why are waffles better than pancakes?

Waffles have ridges and they are far more crispier than flat pancakes.

2. What’s something you remember about being 11?

Eleven was 1969. The most significant thing I remember was watching the first lunar landing and moonwalk by the astronauts of Apollo 11.... all on a colorful, grainy, black and white TV... using an antenna because in those days there was no cable.

3. What experience do you have with role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons?

None. I can't remember doing a role playing game ever. Just another personification of I not being a serious gamer beyond a 5 minute Nintendo app that can kill me in less time than that.

4. How do you feel about carnival rides that make you go upside-down?

Nauseous.... avoid at all costs... which is easy since 1. I rarely ever go to carnivals and 2. all rides are outrageously expensive.

5. You’ve seen Matthew Modine in more films than you realize (which he famously admitted during his opening monologue when he hosted Saturday Night Live in 1988) (filmography here). Which have you seen, and which was the best?

After looking at the filmography list, the only movies I've seen with this guy in it were the following:

Full Metal Jacket
Memphis Belle
Men in Black

I don't remember the Modine characters very well in any of those movies.

Out of the three movies, I remember Full Metal Jacket the most due to the basic training section of the story which were ultra memorable because of the conflict between the drill sergeant and the bumbling Private "Pyle". Intense. The movie then falls apart during the Vietnam War portion because it did not look like a tropical jungle or environment. Found out later that the film was shot entirely in the U.K.... not exactly a tropical place. Fail.

Memphis Belle I remember because the crew of the B-17 bomber were all shot to hell but they still made it back to base after the bombing run. Modine's plane was shot down and he died. Heh. ☺

Don't remember anything about his role in Men In Black. Was not really impressed with that movie at all.... I don't take too well to comedy in scifi.

From the three movies mentioned above, Full Metal Jacket is the best but not because of Modine.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday 5 for July 7: Grabby

Questions from Scivener's weekly Friday 5 blog.

1. There’s a convenience store nearby and you have a small case of the munchies. What do you grab?

Lately a granola bar like the one pictured above.

2. You’re about to get on a plane and someone just stole all your reading material, but there’s a newsstand nearby. What magazine (of likely available titles) do you grab?

Who buys magazines these days? They cost at least $5 a pop not the $2 of years gone by. The internet has free stuff you can read, but of course the damn thing don't work on many flights. Of course you can always download a book or PDF file of some sort to read on your device. Or maybe even listen to a podcast. Plenty of stuff to keep you entertained and informed while on a plane.

3. On a regular work day, where do you grab lunch and what do you get if you don’t bring a lunch from home?

I don't have much time for lunch, so the granola bar (above) is a substitute.

4. Instead of a lunch, you decide you need a quick nap during your workday. Where can you grab 40 winks?

We'd be fired if we slept on the job. :O

5. How close to your head is your cell phone when you’re asleep in bed?

Today's smart phones are pretty much internet access devices and digital cameras more than they are a phone, so yeah, they are close by so you can get news, information or entertainment. Mine is on the night table connected to a long charging cable.

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy J7

I purposely leave the damn thing at home when I don't want to be bothered. For emergency use I do carry around an out of commission Alcatel phone that can still do emergency 911 calls.