Sunday, September 17, 2023

Friday 5 for September 15: Happy Hour

I recently ate at Chic-fil-A for the first and only time so far. It was okay but nothing spectacular.

Happy Hour? Not.


I had all of my answers saved to Google Docs on Friday but forgot to post them here until today... Sunday. Questions come from their usual source.

1. During which specific hour of the day are you likeliest to be happy?

It depends on the circumstance and where I am during the day.

2. Which food-beverage pairings do you feel strongest about?

The standard burger - bun, beef, chicken or fish - should have tomato, lettuce and onion and one sauce at their most basic level.

The burger can be matched with water (my preference) or a soft drink of some type.

Optional - French fries or macaroni potato salad.

Optional 2 would be cheese, cucumbers, additional spices, avacado.

3. Do you enjoy (or have you enjoyed) socializing with coworkers?

It depends on where I have worked. Office parties are an unwanted social chore for me…. As are most "business" lunches with the entire group. I'm not a big fan of group gatherings.

One on one (or two) with a trusted colleague is more to my preference if one must socialize. Generally I rather go home.

4. When did you last try something different (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to drink?

I haven't tried anything new in the drink department for a long time. I don't do any alcoholic drinks, and have sworn off sugared drinks since 2011. I mostly drink just plain old water.

5. What’s your favorite way to unwind after a long day of doing whatever you do during the day?

Listen to recorded music on one of my many owned playback devices. Records, CDs, tapes or digital files / streams. If I feel motivated, i also like to take photo walks with one of my many cameras.

Friday, September 8, 2023

Friday 5 for September 8: Kickoff

A6-AIN BOEING B737-7Z5 BBJ B737/WL  c/n 29268 I/n 280 → ROYAL JET / ROJ // BJ 1999 // auch A6-AIN → ABU DHABI AMIRI FLIGHT > AUH

Friday 5 for September 8: Kickoff

From Scrivener...

1. What is your system or routine for paying bills?

Some are on auto pay, others are manual via online payment. A few are done the old fashioned way, "send in a check". I don't do any mobile payments. Only my wired Mac computer.

2. Forced to choose from a lion, bear, and panther, which would you keep as a pet, which would you put on your family crest, and which would you be reincarnated as?

  • Crest - Lion
  • Pet - Bear
  • Reincarnated - Panther

And all of these are names of NFL football teams.. maybe I should be reincarnated as an NFL team owner?

3. Who in your life is (metaphorically!) a saint?

No one is perfect. So the answer is NONE.

4. Assuming no negative impact on the environment and all expenses covered by someone else, where would you go (and what would you do) right now if someone offered you use of a private jet?

First back to the Big Island and then traveling in different places around the United States. Of course it would depend on the size and range of the jet. 

5. Brown gets a lot of hate, but what are some lovely brown things?

One of the cars I used to own was brown. Dirt is mostly brown but you need it to grow things. I don't have any hate of brown. Heck I am brown skinned myself. So there.

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Friday 5 for August 25: Until it hurts


The following questions come from Scrivener's Friday 5 website:

1. Which charitable organizations do you think do especially meaningful work?

There are many that do good work. But from my biased perspective, I will go with Assistance League (of Hawaii). I am their website administrator, photographer and newsletter editor. Our mission statement:

"Assistance League volunteers transforming the lives of children and adults through community programs."

In other words, we provide needy children and families with school clothes, supplies, baby items, emergency supplies, education services reading enrichment (through our OWL and literacy services programs) and much more.

Learn more by downloading our community newsletter or visiting our website.

2. When has someone recently appreciated your giving them your time?

The member volunteers from Assistance League of Hawaii like the work I do for their website and monthly member newsletter.

3. When have you asked someone to give you a little space?

I keep my distance and rarely have to ask anyone to give me more space.

4. What do you simply not give a darn* about, despite its mattering to your friends or relatives?

Dogs. High maintenance, costly waste of money, messy,  noisy, smelly, jumpy and sometimes biting. Yuck! How can people put up with such creatures... especially indoors, on bedding, furniture and everywhere else these stinky things go. Ugh!

5. What are you close to giving up on?

Hulu, Paramount+ when the 1 year promotional trial rates expire.

Friday, August 18, 2023

Friday 5 for August 18: Career day

 The following questions come from Scrivener's Friday 5 site.

1. What is an ideal career for someone who’s your exact opposite?

Communist party chancellor, president or dictator.

2. What do most people not know about your job?

That for the last few years, I occasionally work there.

3. Which stereotypes about people in your job are pretty close to accurate?

Government bureaucrats.

4. Which movie or TV series has a pretty good portrayal of your job?

I can't pinpoint any to the nth degree. But thinking back on most of the jobs I had, it would be within the legislative profession, photography or the advertising/marketing area.

5. Which wild animal would be best suited to doing your job?

Donkey... plenty of those there. 

The public arena where I have spent several years working, lately though only part time.

Friday, August 11, 2023

Friday 5 for August 11: For argument’s sake

Alexa lives in the Amazon Echo Dot.

I have long surpassed 992 Arguments. 

1. How argumentative are you?

You probably don't want to be in the same room with me if that happens.

2. With whom do you have a friendly, long-running argument, and what is it about?

A person I know who supports rail and I don't. Been simmering since 1992. "Rail is not a right".

3. What was your most recent argument about?


4. When did you most recently overhear an argument between people you don’t know?

From the upper floor of my building where I live occasionally we can hear late night arguments on the street with who know who! Sometimes very loud and police are called.

5. What’s an unpopular opinion you have about food?

Organic food is just a way for the food industry to push more expensive food on consumers.

Saturday, August 5, 2023

Friday 5 for August 4: The Bard says

 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island is one of my favorite places to visit.

Bard or What?

The text on this blog is not Barded.

I use Bard. It is a good writing aid. Write your prose as normal, get Bard to fix it, and then rephrase it somewhat to make it your own. Will use Bard as long as it remains free. It is a nice tool to use in writing or editing. 

1. What is your favorite thing to learn about?

Learning is a lifelong process. There are all kinds of subjects that I pursue more knowledge of. Top of mind for me include keeping up with the latest news on cord cutting, best ways of getting tech without spending too much money, discovering both new and old music, political news, local news and issues, and much more.

2. What is your favorite thing to do with your friends?

Eat, walk around taking photos of stuff, talk about or listening to music, whatever.

3. What is your favorite place you’ve ever been?

Any place on Hawaii, the Big Island…. Hilo, Honokaa, Volcanoes National Park, Waimea, Kohala, Laupahoehoe, Ookala, Kalopa, Akaka Falls, Rainbow Falls, Waipio Valley.

4. What is your favorite way to relax?

Listening to music on my stereo or devices at home.

5. What is your favorite thing to cook

I'm not good at cooking. I can make hamburgers and spaghetti with meat sauce (hamburger).

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Friday 5 for July 28: (abbr.)


Questions from Scrivener's Friday 5 page.

1. What shortcuts do you frequently take? 

When I'm walking to certain locations, I tend to think what is the shortest way to get there and then follow through.

2. How do you make up for one of your shortcomings?

Most of the time, I try to avoid those once they happen.

3. What does your favorite pair of shorts look like?

Old with a bunch of pockets... Well worn.

4. What was meant to be short-term but lasted much longer than planned?

Recurring seasonal employment for the last five years.

5. Which short films do you especially like?

My favorite from when I was a kid until today is The Red Balloon, a French film that came out in 1956. I first saw it in school a long time ago for one of our classes.

The DUST Channel on YouTube have a ton of great short, science fiction films. I can't remember the titles of specific films, but for the most part they have all been good.

NPR has the Tiny Desk short in-studio concert series and KCRW have some good concerts. Don't know if they qualify as short films, but I enjoy them.

Lastly Michael Jackson's long form video for "Thriller" is also a good short film.

Friday, July 21, 2023

Friday 5 for July 21: Scattergories Part 13

These are the answers to Scrivener's annual Friday 5 Scattergories questions which features the never changing nifty online random-letter generator.

My letter for 2023. I got a 3 letter sequence: btv

I'm going with the letter B Ernie.

1. What should you always be careful with?

Bullies. If you know someone who is a bully, the best thing to do is to avoid them whenever possible. I always take this to another level by avoiding "bully locations" such um Kalihi and Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki during the night time hours. Those areas and several others in Honolulu are high crime areas where bullies, drug pushers, gangs, etc. could strike at you in a very negative way. So yes... B is for BULLIES.

2. With whom would you like to have dinner?

Just off the top of my head, there is no one I personally know that whose name starts with the letter B. That said my other choice would be the actor Bruce Boxleitner. So B is for BRUCE BOXLEITNER... and we have a double B here. Yay!

3. What would you like to learn how to do?

Bake a cake or pie? Sounds delicious. I have never considered myself a cook. I can make edible stuff to just get by. Baking I don't have much patience for, but it does yield something delicious, most of the time... Oh and baked chicken I guess. That is good. B is for BAKE.

4. Where will you find what you’ve been looking all over for?

Ben Franklin Crafts store. I may be able to get some materials that I need to cut and shape and use to replace light baffles in several of my aging film cameras. B is for BEN FRANKLIN CRAFTS STORE.

B is also for Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers who signed both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

5. What do you dream about?

New BABYLON 5 movies and series is a dream every B5 fan like me wants

This year fans are getting a one-off animated Babylon 5 TV movie of the beloved sci-fi series that helped revolutionize episodic TV storytelling

The place is Earth 1993; The show is Babylon 5. It premiered on the now defunct PTEN network in 1993 (the pilot) and launched into a full blown TV series lasting 5 more years through 110 episodes.  Babylon 5 had a focused storyline with interesting characters, plots and sub-plots that carried from one episode to another forming a long, planned story arc that lasted for five years (seasons).

Babylon 5's creator and writer of nearly all of the episodes J. Michael Stravinsky (JMS), pitched the series as a "five year novel for television." First run episodes of the entire story ran from 1994 to 1998 on the PTEN network and TNT cable. The show was released to DVD and is streaming on TUBI TV and the Roku Channel.

After the original series finished its network run, a short-lived sequel series titled Crusade was produced for 13 episodes in 1999 before being cancelled by TNT.  Four made for TV movies were also produced and aired between 1998 and 2000 on TNT.

Warner Brothers television, the franchise rights owner to Babylon 5 announced a re-imagined series that is supposed to debut on the CW network written by JMS. Since 2020 the series is in development limbo due to a number of factors impacting the show's production.

This year a Babylon 5: The Road Home, an animated movie written by JMS will be released to home video and possibly run on a streaming service such as Amazon Prime. An official announcement regarding the movie's streaming schedule and channel has yet to come. Orders are now being taken for the DVD.

Speaking of which, JMS also announced that Babylon 5 will be released to Blu-Ray DVD for the first time ever. For many years fans had to be satisfied with releases on VHS and standard DVDs. I have all of the standard DVDs. 

Above: Civil war breaks out between the Earth Alliance and Babylon 5. This clip is from the Season 3 episode Severed Dreams which won a Hugo Award back in 1994. All of the music for Babylon 5 was composed by Christopher Franke of Tangerine Dream.

Friday, July 14, 2023

Friday 5 for July 14: Late night dorm talk

Matt Damon in "Air"... good new movie on Amazon Prime.

The following questions come from Scrivener’s Friday 5 blog.

1. If you could dispense one condiment from each finger on your left hand without its ever running out (and without losing any normal use of your fingers), which condiments would they be?

  1. Salt

  2. Pepper

  3. Cinnamon

  4. Sugar

  5. Oregano

2. Which you is the realer you: real-world in-person you, or online you?

Probably a blend of the two.

3. Who’s a better actor: Leonardo DiCaprio or Matt Damon?

Matt Damon nailed it for me in “The Martian”, one of the better science fiction movies of recent times. He also gave a good performance in the recent Amazon Prime movie, “Air” which is about how Nike wooed Michael Jordan to become their spokesman back in the late 1980s, early 1990s.  He was also good in the “Bourne” series of movies.

I only remember Leonardo from the movie “Titanic” and it is a good thing he sank to the bottom of the ocean. Heh!

4. If you had to watch (and stay awake during) the same movie repeated for 24 hours, which movie would you choose and why?

While I would prefer not to watch any movie on repeat for 24-hours, any of the three original Star Wars movies would do fine for me. Probably the “Empire Strikes Back” would be the best one, even though I love the original “A New Hope” a lot.

One of the neatest things to do is to binge a movie series that you like a lot all in a day or whatever time it takes to go through them. I did it with Star Wars 4, 5 and 6 and also the entire 5 movies of the original Planet of the Apes series.

5. Who are the five most visually recognizable people in the world?

Just because I mention someone, it does not mean I am a fan of the person. I am going to break these down into categories….



  1. President Abraham Lincoln

  2. President John F. Kennedy

  3. President Ronald Reagan

  4. Marilyn Monroe

  5. Michael Jackson


  1. President Donald Trump

  2. President Barack Obama

  3. King Charles III (U.K.)

  4. Kim Jong Un (North Korea)

  5. President Joe Biden (current)


  1. The Beatles

  2. Madonna

  3. Mariah Carey

  4. Ed Sheeran

  5. The Rolling Stones


  1. Tom Cruise

  2. Tom Hanks

  3. Kim Kardashian

  4. Dwayne Johnson

  5. Angelina Jolie

Category: Dead people, music industry and celebrity.

Friday, July 7, 2023

Friday 5 for July 7: Midyear examination

More questions from Scrivener's Friday 5 page.

1. What has been a nice surprise in this first half of the year?

Nothing surprisingly nice has happened to me so far. Most of the time everything stays the same.

2. What’s the best new (new-to-you or brand-new) music, TV, or reading you consumed this year?


If I had to rate my top 20 "new" songs so far this year, this is what it would be (based on chart performance of my weekly Current Top 20 Hits that I post here and here  - click the links).

Rank                     TitleArtistPeakWAPTotal Weeks
1GhostTom MacDonald1721
2Anti-HeroTaylor Swift1523
3Love AgainThe Kid LAROI1210
4End of the WorldTom MacDonald featuring John Rich1210
5Wish You The BestLewis Capaldi1211
6FlowersMiley Cyrus1213
7I Feel Like DancingJason Mraz1213
8PointlessLewis Capaldi1216
9Karma / Karma (featuring Ice Spice)Taylor Swift128
10Lux Γ†ternaMetallica129
11Eyes ClosedEd Sheeran1112
12LostLinkin Park1114
13Get Her BackMichael Ray119
14Blind For LoveAmerican Authors2314
15I'll Be Seeing YouIam Tongi216
16EvangelineStephen Sanchez3213
17Lavendar HazeTaylor Swift3111
18I'm Feelin' Good (Steve Miller Band)King Calaway3111
20BejeweledTaylor Swift3112

Key - Rank | Peak Position | Weeks at Peak (WAP) | Total Weeks on Top 20 

Rapper Tom MacDonald has held the #1 position on my Current Top 20 song longer than any other this year with his song "Ghost". It's an indie record (like all of his others) that most radio stations refused to play, even though this is just a simple love song to his significant other Nova Rockerfeller, who is the producer of most of his videos. MacDonald has amassed a large YouTube following and has sold many records / songs / digital downloads.

TV (My Top 10 TV Shows this year; old and new; I watch a lot of YouTube)
1. 1883 (Paramount+) Yellowstone prequel series
2. 1923 (Paramount+) Yellowstone prequel series
3. Star Trek Strange New Worlds (Paramount+)
4. The Expanse (Seasons 1 - 3 so far; 4 -6 to be watched soon; Amazon Prime)
5. Babylon 5 (Tubi TV - Classic scifi from 1993-1998 - rewatch)
6. Sleeperdude  / Sleeperdude 2 (YouTube - A family that fixes old cars)
7. The Flight Channel (YouTube - airline crash accounts / computer simulations)
8. Airline Videos (YouTube - live streaming from LAX, CA. take offs and landings)
9. Adventures Made From Scratch (YouTube - A guy who crushes cars at his junkyard)
10. Melinda (YouTube - Vinyl Record Reviews)
11. Kilauea Volcano Live (YouTube - USGS live feed of active volcano in Hawaii)

I take a long time going through books since I skip around from book to book. None listed right now.

3. What have you learned so far in 2023?
4. What is the outlook for the rest of your 2023?

Uncertain and most likely more expensive.

5. What can you do this week to make someone else’s 2023 better?

Be a better listener.

Friday, June 30, 2023

Friday 5 for June 30: It’s a good time for the great taste.

Questions from Scrivener's Friday 5 blog.

1. What lies somewhere Beyond the Sea?

From Hawaii: California, Oregon, Washington and many other states to the East of there.

2.When and where did you last have a Splish Splash?

I spilled some water a few weeks ago at home which I had to wipe off the floor and the counter top.

3. What do you do Early in the Morning?

Open my eyes. Get out of bed. Go to the bathroom. More stuff afterward but it varies.

4. Who is your Dream Lover?

None of them would love me, so names are not worth mentioning.

5. What proves You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby?

My mother and father did not put me up for adoption. πŸ˜€πŸ˜―

Friday, June 23, 2023

Friday 5 for June 23: Be curious, not judgmental

From Scrivener: "Hello, and welcome to this week’s Friday 5!" 

"Questions inspired by a favorite show you don’t have to have seen. πŸ™‚"

Yep, probably some TV show I never saw.

1. How do you feel about (or what do you think of) soccer, the sport known everywhere but in the U.S. as football?

Soccer makes big money for the TV networks all across the world, especially during the FIFA World Cup which they all vie for every four years. The fervor for Soccer in some countries is so great that it is also a security risk at some locations with fans creating riots and other mayhem. 

I am happy that American football is a huge success in the USA and continues to be so. What I like best about American football is that it never uses the metric system and keeps our English based inches, feet and yards popularly intact. Damn the rest of the world and their metric system. I can't visualize it. Thanks to football, I can visualize a foot, yard or even a mile (more credit for that goes to speedometers). I can't visualize metrics.

I am not a sports fan, but will watch a game once in a while when there is some interest. Sports TV is very expensive. Cable TV companies so far have sports fans locked into their live sports feeds. Over time this will change as streaming services land more and more contracts from professional and collegiate sport programs. Many are going to streaming where there are better options in terms of consumer choice and cost over cable TV bundles.

Here's a fun music video that promoted the 2010 FIFA World Cup in Africa. The song is called "Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)" by Colombian born singer Shakira.

2. What have you been forgiven for?

Can't remember anything recent or specific on this.

3. Who is the most joyful person you know?

Lisa when she is happy.

4. When were you most recently a fish out of water?

I try not to put myself in unfamiliar situations, which means I mostly play it safe. That said, I can't recall the last time I felt out of place... maybe very long ago when I first worked at the Hawaii State Legislature... way back in 1998... I guess everyone is a newbie at some job or another.

5. Under which circumstances are you the best version of yourself?

My best guess is when I am talking to people about old music, records and the top 40 charts of the 1960s to the 1980s. I was a big fan of the old Casey Kasem "American Top 40" radio show from back then.

Friday, June 9, 2023

Friday 5 for June 9: Themeless

 The following is from Scrivner's Friday 5 website:

1. What did you most recent affix a sticker to, and what was the sticker?

Coming real soon, registration sticker on our car bumper. 6/24.

2. What are your favorite and least favorite songs about weather?

Favorite songs about the weather:

  • Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles
  • Rain - The Beatles
  • Here Comes The Rain Again - Eurythmics
  • Have You Ever Seen The Rain - Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Sunshine Superman - Donovan

Worst songs about the weather:

  • Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head - B.J. Thomas
  • It's Raining Men - The Weather Girls
  • Fire and Rain - James Taylor
  • I Made It Through the Rain - Barry Manilow
  • Blame it on the Rain - Milli Vanilli

3. What turned out to be a good idea(s)?

1. Electricity! - Best idea ever. Thank you Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, etc. Electricity helped us to become a highly industrial and technological society.

2. Recorded Music - Yes from the first wax cylinder through the years of AM/FM radio, phonograph records, reel to reel tapes, 8-track tapes, cassette tapes, compact discs, DVDs, MP3s, AAC,  digital downloads and streaming music and video... All of these made my life on Earth mostly pleasant.

3. Motorized Vehicles of all types. Cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, etc. have mostly been beneficial to my life as well as the lives of many others.

4. High Speed Communication - From the telegraph, through landline telephones, cell phones, smart phones, computers, email, the internet and more. What would life be without these?

4. Which errands should you probably run this weekend?

I need to deposit a check I got in the mail.

5. What are your feelings about yogurt?

I like yogurt, especially strawberry and lemon lime flavors. Often yogurt is too expensive.

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Friday 5 for June 2: Do you feel a draft?

"Hello, and welcome to this week’s Friday 5! Please copy these questions to your website. Answer the questions there; then leave a comment below so we’ll all know where to check out your responses. Please don’t forget to link us from your website!"

1. Where do you frequently go for a breath of fresh air?

Outside of my building, sometimes to the beach.

2. In what way are you running against the wind?

Many times and also when I listen to this Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band song:

3. What item on your to-do list this weekend do you expect to be a breeze?

Sleeping usually is.

4. What would you like to have completed by the end of August?

Some reconfiguration of my living space.

5. What recent events in your life are worthiest of trumpeting?

Being a person that prefers not to be in the limelight, I can't think of anything recent worth "trumpeting". Long long ago I used to play trumpet in high school band. That was ages ago... what I got out of that is the ability to read music on the treble clef... whoopie.

I think my birth was a big thing that my parents were excited about. I don't remember that but I have seen old pictures. Other life events celebrated by parents included birthdays, graduation from high school and college... other than that, nothing else.

I don't celebrate birthdays anymore. When you get old you kind of stop counting... and with all this social media crap, I avoid any active celebration of anything. I don't like having my photo spread out on social media. There is the high possibility that your photos can be used my nefarious players online, intent on stealing your identity and doing other evil things.

Friday, May 26, 2023

Friday 5 for May 26: Discomfort

Another week, another Friday 5 from Scrivener.

1. How ticklish are you?

Quite ticklish and I don't let anyone invade my personal space, which is quite wide.

2. When did you most recently experience physical numbness?

Not recently but back in 2015 when I had to undergo major surgery. I was out for 8 hours.

3. What’s caused you recently to squirm?

Walking quickly home to get to the bathroom ASAP yesterday.

Which now reminds me of this old Grade C movie screamer...

4. What recently caused you to gag?

Dumb assholes who try to pass off their pet dogs as service animals. Ugh!!! I hate dogs.

5. Which item in your wardrobe is most uncomfortable to wear?

Several that did not accommodate my horizontal growth... Babylon 5 T-shirt, Ringo Starr T-shirt, a of pair of jeans come to mind.

Friday, May 19, 2023

Friday 5 for May 18: Circumstance and Pomp

It's been months, but I'm back. Answering questions to the May 18 post.

1. What advice do you have for a high school grad getting ready to begin college?

Do not go too deep into debt. Pay off your college loan as soon as possible. Better, try and get a scholarship every year... or at least split your time so that you can work, save money but not too much as there are a lot of studies to do. Don't get the most expensive laptop since these things can be stolen or dropped. Plus computer tech changes so fast it is probably better to use a lower end PC or Mac vs. a high end model for schoolwork unless you are going to film school or something.

2. What advice do you have for a high school grad getting ready to enter the workforce?

Get a good resume together. Have good grades. Have a good work ethic. Be responsible and respectful of your employer and colleagues. Set aside some of your earnings for long term savings. Don't waste money. If needed, move to a more affordable state or locale.

3. What advice do you have for a high school grad who doesn’t know what’s next?

Find something you like to do and see if you can make money at it whether by yourself starting your own business or working for someone engaged in an activity or interest that you like. Focus and focus quickly.

4. What advice do you have for a high school grad whose high school years were disappointing?

If you can, go to a trade school or get some kind of work experience. Be positive. Don't fall into a life of squalor or crime.

5. What do you remember about your own graduation from high school?

We had no computers, no cell phones, no cable or TV streaming services, no internet, almost no nothing that was considered "high tech" except for hi-fi stereo, portable music cassette player/recorders and small TVs.

That all said, my Mom forgot the camera at home and I never got any pictures of my high school graduation... oh well... no biggie. Some of my friends came over to a small gathering we had at our house.  Some of them I never saw again since graduation.

The one good thing was that the music from back in the day was better than a lot of the crap we have today. There was no rap music and that is a good thing.

Photo above from the Honokaa High School Class of 1975 L-R The Dragon school mascot, 1989; Class of 1975 on graduation night, June 1975; Class of 1975 - 2010 reunion; Old campus Honokaa High School - still in use today as part of the school.


 This video reminds me of how we have all aged from the 1970s. This song by The Connells called "74-75" was released in 1993. In 2015 another video using the same song and people was made. Look for it here on YouTube.

My question is how many of your classmates from high school have passed on?

In my class of 168 graduates, about 30 have passed on.

Friday, March 3, 2023

Friday 5 for March 3: Celebrations

From Scrivener's Friday 5 blog.

1. Who was on the other end of your most recent high five?


2. To which movies, television shows, albums, or books have you recently given thumbs up?


TV: Recent: 1883, 1923, Star Trek Picard - All on Paramount +. Also watching The Expanse on Amazon Prime. All thumbs up worthy shows... plus of course my old favorites such as Babylon 5, the original Hawaii Five-0, Crime Story,  The X Files, Fringe, Doc Martin, The Avengers, The Prisoner, Classic Star Trek and Star Trek The Next Generation.

Record Albums: Most recently Whitehorse's album I'm Not Crying, You're Crying. There are a ton of classic albums that I'd give thumbs up to over the last 50 years.

Books: Lisa listens to a lot of audio books, and some I really like, but for now the titles escape me.

3. What’s happened to you recently that others would cheer about?

I always try to keep a very low profile. Therefore I don't do anything worthy of anyone cheering me on, except for at home with Lisa..... doing mundane stuff like getting my hair cut or using a new soap that she got for me (via Amazon).

4. What have you most recently and literally clapped for?

Some people who were honored at my workplace.

5. When has someone recently given you an encouraging word?

More than likely Lisa whenever I am feeling down. She is a very positive soul living in a negative world filled with a lot of personal pain. Visit Tropical Toes (one of her blogs)


Monday, February 27, 2023

Friday 5 for February 24: The other shoe

 The following questions come from the Friday 5 blog.

The song is "Just One Look" by Doris Troy. πŸ˜€

1. When did you most recently drop something off with someone?

I'm dropping off the mail today. One envelope to the U.S. Postal Service. There are plenty of someones working there. Otherwise the last time I dropped off anything with one person, was probably with my sister a few years ago.

2. Who is drop-dead gorgeous?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So who I may think is drop dead gorgeous may not be agreeable with you. Of course celebrities are easy to pick without getting personal. So in a nutshell...

Musicians - Stevie Nicks, Linda Ronstadt

Actors - Sandra Bullock, Racquel Welch (RIP), Dawn Wells (RIP), plenty of others.

Models - Cindy Crawford

All of the above are now older women. Can't recall the names of women celebrities younger than me.

3. On what are you waiting for a price drop?

Any and all tech items... cameras, computers, related accessories.  Mac Mini M2. Hope springs eternal here.

4. What were the circumstances when you once dropped the ball?

Good thing I don't play ball since that would be dropped more times than ever.

5. What news recently made your jaw drop?

Invasion of Ukraine by Russia. That was more than a year ago now. What the hell is Putin thinking? Butthead.

Friday, February 17, 2023

Friday 5 + 5 = Two This Week

 Two Friday Five's in one... this week and last week.

Friday 5 for February 17: Bother!

1. When did you last put honey on or in something?

A honey coated cough drop was put in my mouth a few times in the last several months.

2. How do you handle a bad mood?

I YELL at the victim of my reprisal.

3. Which Winnie-the-Pooh character do you most identify with?

Maybe Eeyore; I tend to be pessimistic and negative.

4. Which Winnie-the-Pooh character would you best get along with?

Most definitely not Winnie... he is just too naive and happy. Maybe Christopher Robin... but more than likely Eeyore.

5. What’s your favorite way to do nothing?

Listen to music and scrobble songs. Otherwise watch useless videos on YouTube.

Friday 5 for February 10: In the pit

1. When did you recently pass the baton to someone?

A few years ago when I gave up being marketing director for Assistance League of Hawaii. I will be passing the baton (hopefully) as their newsletter editor sometime this year.

2. What do you wish you never fiddled with?

Updating this answer: My website that I forgot what the complicated password is! Ugh tried one of three recovery methods so far, not working. It involves tweaking some lines of code on the backend. Ugh!

3. What do you plan to reed in the near future?

I don't have a saxophone or clarinet, so there is nothing to "reed" in the future. Alas if it is "read" then perhaps a good book or magazine or something more than likely online that requires reading.

4. How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

RAINY this weekend in Hawaii.

5. What have you lately been nuts about?

Cashews. I also like Macademias, Walnuts and Pistachios.

Friday, February 3, 2023

Friday 5 for February 3: Ditto

The following questions are from Scrivener's Friday 5 blog.

1. What’s the last thing you photocopied?

A bill.

2. Who have people said you look like?


3. Who have you tried to be like?

Nobody. I am ok being who I am.

4. When have you opted for an imitation over the real thing?

Once upon a time I used to drink soda. I quit in the year 2011. Before that I chose Pepsi over Coke, which through numerous campaigns was touted as "The Real Thing". See the video at the top from 1971. Pepsi countered with "The Pepsi Generation". 

5. In what way was today just like yesterday?

The sun came up, it set and will rise again. The sky turned into night, and will do so again at the end of the day. A daily cycle that is good so that you know the Earth's rotation is still intact despite some reports that the core has turned another way.

6. Bonus question: Too early for flapjacks?

If flapjacks are another word for pancakes, it is never too early nor too late for them. My Mom used to cook pancakes for dinner in the night.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Friday 5 for January 27: Hero’s journey

From Scrivener's Friday 5 Blog: "Hello, and welcome to this week’s Friday 5! Please copy these questions to your webspace. Answer the question there; then leave a comment below so we’ll all know where to check out your responses. Please don’t forget to link us from your website!"

1. When did you hear (and heed) the Call to Adventure this week?

There is no adventure in the work a day week last week, this week nor the week ahead. 

2. What challenges did you encounter on your Road of Trials from last weekend to this weekend?

Traffic, deadlines, overlapping tasks, lunch decisions, cost, and other agendas of the work-a-day life.

3. What kinds of temptations did you face this week?

Should I buy the new 2023 Mac Mini computer with the M2 chip, 512 GB SSD and 32 gigs of ram?

Can you resist the Apple marketing propaganda?

4. What was your Ultimate Boon (that is, your greatest reward) this week?

Surviving into Friday and laying low over the weekend.

5. If you canceled all your obligations this weekend (and the coming week) and had the Freedom to Live it any way you wanted, how would you spend the time?

Money worries set aside, traveling to some faraway place on a Boeing 747 (I feel safer in multi engine planes), safely landing there and going on a photo adventure taking pictures in the new place. In the late afternoon and early evening it would be relaxing to take in and photographing the sunset from a lounge chair on the beach. Going to sleep afterward would be nice.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Friday 5 for January 20: Now I lay me down

Late start for 2023. My first Friday 5 Answers for the new year... The Year of the Rabbit today.

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Friday 5! Please copy these questions to your webspace. Answer the questions there; then leave a comment below so we’ll all know where to check out your responses. Please don’t forget to link us from your website!

1. What keeps you up at night?

Apps on my smartphone... podcasts, music, audiobooks, video. Ugh... blue light disease.

2. How well do you operate on insufficient sleep?

I need to take a nap around 2:00 in the afternoon. Now I can't. So I have to try and get at least 5 hours of sleep the night before...

3. Under what conditions do you get your best sleep?

Probably when I have two bad days in a row of little or no sleep. At the end of that period I can zonk out fairly well... smartphone be damned.

4. What unusual places have you slept in?

A darkroom... long, long ago... you know a place where there is no light and you are supposed to develop film and process photos...  Homeless.... three weeks straight..... long ago. Other than that, one night in a 1985 Toyota Tercel.... 

5. What’s a good song about dreams or dreaming?

There are plenty of dreams or dreaming songs... Here are a few in no particular order....

  • Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
  • Dreaming - Cliff Richard
  • Dream On - Aerosmith
  • All I Have to Do is Dream - The Everly Brothers
  • Dream Lover - Bobby Darrin
  • Dream Baby - Roy Orbison
  • Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Eurythmics
  • Blue Hawaii - Elvis Presley ... dreams come true in Blue Hawaii.
  • Dreamlover - Mariah Carey
  • Your Wildest Dreams - The Moody Blues
  • #9 Dream - John Lennon
  • Girl of my Dreams - Bram Tchaikovsky

I hope you enjoyed the music. Sweet dreams!