Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday 5 for May 16 - Shadows

iVote Rally 1-17-2010

Evil: Mufi Train Hannemman. Oh No Not Again!

Governor's State of the State Speech

Evil: Governor Abercrombie: Too much of a socialist agenda for Hawaii. No in 2014.

Senate Health Committee Hearing

Evil: State Senator Clayton Hee - running for Lt. Governor? Hell no. May be a good reason for me to pull a "D" ballot in the primary to specifically vote AGAINST this guy. Shan is better. Shan's a nice guy.


1. When have you had to choose the lesser of two evils?

Seems to occur every election season in Democrat heavy Hawaii. In 2004 it was a choice for mayor: Mufi or Duke? Hell I dumped a blank ballot into the box for that election. Both were rail proponents and I hated both of them. One would have died in office.

And again? More elections.... Abercrombie vs. Mufi this year? Yuck. Maybe I might vote for this guy named David if I pull a D ballot. The R ballot generally has no interesting races even though I identify more with the R's than the D's... Sheesh.

2. When have your good intentions resulted in something awful?

At work when I had to defend one of our co-workers from an evil co-worker in another department. Things went from bad to worst and are unforgivable. The line "Kill All the Lawyers" holds true in this case.

3. In your experience, have two wrongs ever made a right?

Yes, but I am not giving an example of this because I could probably be killed by radical extremists.

4. When have you had to let virtue be its own reward?

Recently but can't be disclosed. Sorry.

5. What is the worst toll stress has ever taken on you?

Work was one of the worst 4 months in my life. Tanks like to run over people. Tanks eat their own kind.

The End.