Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday 5 for November 25: Leftovers.

Today's Thanksgiving Lunch

From the Friday 5 website: LEFTOVERS.

1. Leftover from April 17, 2009: What’s a creature comfort (practically unnecessary) you must take with you on an overnight trip in the great outdoors? Please consider a phone something that has practical necessity!

iPod Touch and another camera. I don't own a cell phone. iPod Touch comes in handy for listening to music, taking pictures or video, light reading, video viewing and more. Camera... well I use that to take pictures.

2. Leftover from August 31, 2007: What did yesterday cost you? Thanksgiving in the U.S., but answer it for wherever you are and whatever you did!

For starters $210 round trip fare from Honolulu to Big Island of Hawaii and back. Travel cost to get to Honokaa from Hilo + meal costs contributed to family meal.

3. Leftover from January 25, 2008: What was your excuse the last time you were REALLY late for something?

Could not find my keys.

4. Leftover from February 18, 2011: What was your first online purchase?

It was probably a CD from in 1997.

5. Leftover from December 25, 2009: Which of your gifts do you think you do not put to its best, fullest use?

Color rotating light fixture. It's still in the box from the person I got it from. Haven't used it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday 5 for November 18 - Moving

Queen Mary 2 Sails into Honolulu Harbor

You have to get up early to get pictures of cruise ships coming into Honolulu Harbor.

From Scrivener's weekly Friday 5 website (which moved to a new, strange URL this week) comes this week's meme... Moving... what else?

1. When did you last move residences?


2. What song leaves you completely unmoved even though it seems everyone else is moved by it?

Anything by Glee Cast. I don't see the point in people getting excited by this TV show or all of the lame cover songs that sell in the millions and make the charts with regularity. Glee Cast.... lame, lame, lame.

3. On what kinds of mornings is it easiest for you to jump out of bed and get moving?

When I know some nice ship is coming in like the MS Queen Mary. All of the cruise ships that come into Honolulu Harbor tend to be here just before or during sunrise. Gotta wake up early to get a good picture of these. Another thing that gets me moving early is if I have to catch an early morning flight to somewhere... and once I had to catch an early morning ride on the Hawaii Superferry. Getting a good sunrise picture or photographing a rare celestial event requires an early rising.

Dawn of a Brand New Day

4. What object do you get most annoyed about when people move it without letting you know?

My wallet, comb, keys, scissors, scotch tape or iPod Shuffle... Of course since I live by myself, I only have me to blame for this.

5. In what way are you waiting on someone else to make a move?

I wait for an eternity, don't initiate much and let the person get away.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday 5 for 11-11-11: What to Take

My Canon 600D Rebel T3i

What to Take - the latest topic from Scrivener's Friday 5 website.

Let's face it, I take a camera just about everywhere I go.

1. What do you usually take to the beach?


Waikiki Honolulu 9-5-09

Yes, there are a lot of sights to see and photograph at the beach! Camera is essential.


2. What do you find essential for a trip to the mall?

Money and camera

My Sony Cybershot U30

I often carry a small camera such as this one on my trips to the mall, even to the beach and elsewhere. I like this camera because it is stealthy.

3. What’s something you take to the ballgame?


It's been a long time since I been to a ballgame.

4. What do you take to the movies?

Money, ticket, iPod for listening to music before the movie starts. And yes a small camera.

Honokaa Peoples' Theater

Here's a photo of the old Peoples' Theater in Honokaa Hawaii that is still in operation.

5. This one may not have broad enough a relevance, but what do you take when you go to the symphony?

If I went to the symphony, I'd take my camera. Also the ticket to get in.

Canon S5 Is

A small non-SLR camera with a good long lens may be ideal to take to symphonies and other types of concerts where the long zoom and silent mode may come in handy.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday 5 for November 4: Hanging Out

Tower Records Closing

From Scrivener's Friday 5 site, the topic this week is "Hanging Out".

1. Where did you hang out with friends when you were a teen?

Mostly at school. I was mostly a stay at home kid.

2. Where did you hang out with friends when you were in your twenties?

School, workplace and record stores.

3. Where do you hang out with friends now? If you’re still in your teens or twenties, where do you imagine you’ll hang out with friends when you’re older?

Facebook. Twitter. Workplace. I mostly stay at home. I'm an old fart. Don't go out much.

4. What’s great hanging-out memories do you have?

Scouring through stacks of records and later CDs with my friends and deciding what we wanted to buy, trade and make mixed tapes with.

5. What ingredient makes hanging out better sometimes than others?

 Food and music? Girls?

 Not too sure which in priority.