Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday 5 for December 31: Saving

Save That Loose Change

1. When dining out, do you usually save room for dessert?


2. How do you feel about saving places in line or saving seats in theaters?

I generally don't like it.

3. What’s one thing you did to save money this past year?

I have regular savings accounts that are routinely updated on a regular interval.

4. Besides money, what’s something you’re saving for later?

A small emergency supply of water and food.

5. In what way did you recently save the best for last?

Can't think of anything recent.

These are answers to questions posted at the weekly Friday 5 blog.

Happy New Year.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Catching Up with the Friday 5

Haven't done this in weeks due to a death in my family.

Kilauea Caldera

Friday 5 for December 17: Excursions

1. Of excursions you remember taking in elementary school, which was your favorite?

JPO excursion to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park while in the 5th grade.

2. Of excursions you remember taking in elementary school, which was your least favorite?

Can't think of any - all excursions were good because we got out of regular classwork.

3. What seems like a really good school excursion destination that nobody seems to take?


4. Which of your recent activities might pass for an educational excursion?

Preparing and arranging for a funeral. Learned a lot from a recent experience.

5. When a sack lunch was needed for a field trip, what was most likely in your brown paper bag? How about now?

Generally food that I like.

Friday 5 for December 10: Rain

1. What’s the worst thing about really bad rainstorms?

Flying in a heavy rainstorm, flooding - damage to homes and businesses, loss of lives, catastrophic landslides, cars getting stuck or getting into a rain related accident, power outages

2. What’s the best thing about really bad rainstorms? 

Perhaps staying home and watching videos - if the power stays on.

3. What’s your favorite (be honest!) way to pass the time when the power’s out?

Listening to the radio to find out if the power outage is localized or widespread, and find out what time the power may come back on. Also calling friends and relatives to see if they have power or not.

4. In what ways are you always prepared for a bad storm?

I live in a condo - I have food, flashlight, radio, videos, - I stay home if at all possible.

5. What’s your favorite song with the word “rain” in the title?

1. "Rain" by The Beatles 

2nd favorite "Rhythm of the Rain" by The Cascades.