Friday, September 29, 2023

Friday 5 for September 29: Gang aft agley

Does this one sound like it is following another nautical term? From Scrivener's Friday 5 site, come these stirring questions.

1. When did you last plan a special gathering or event?

I think that was around 2019.... though I was not the main planner which is a good thing... It was for a family reunion back home on Hawaii Island... I just had to plan on being there as the main photographer... that was it. Oh and help set up the Facebook page for that.

Prior to that... um... my Mom's funeral in 2015 and some years before that, my Dad's funeral in 2010.

Oh what fun! 😟

2. How do you rate yourself as an organizer of activities?

I'd rather avoid it. Just invite me to eat or take pictures at your event. That is good enough.

3. When did you plan something and then say, “Never again!”

Um... certificate presentations for my former employer between 1999 and 2014. Those horrible things were like trying to herd cats to a specific day and time for a rather public event. I did not relish doing them, but for the most part I pulled them off. At the end of whatever presentation we were doing, I always said to myself "never again". But then another one would come up, much to my annoyance. The above photo was taken in 2002 during one such event.

Today I would not want to do them. Too much headache. Just let me take photos if you need me for something like that.

4. When were you especially impressed by someone else’s planning for a special event?

The special events that I have been to have more of less turned out well. When you are not involved with it, you don't see or experience the behind the scenes stuff, so if something went wrong or a detail was missed, I would not know or care. I haven't been to anything that was so awful to make a bad impression on me. But then I don't go to many organized activites in my life.

5. When have you recently experienced a sudden change of plans?

I try to avoid change of plans, especially if I have to travel off island. That can be EXPENSIVE. The travel industry tries to nail you for every change you make and whatever changes you do make, causes the experience to SOUR and put a bigger hole in your POCKETBOOK.

I guess that is a reason why I do not like traveling so much. It is stressful just taking a plane from one island to another because we can't even drive to another county in this state surrounded by water. 

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Friday 5 for September 22: Don’t tip the boat over

Shades of The Hues Corporation for a song that is only a few years younger than you Mr. Scrivener. "Don't rock the boat, don't tip the boat over." I remember when the song went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 as Casey Kasem counted the hits down on American Top 40 back in the summer of 1974.

Anyways here are my answers to these disco music inspired questions.

1. When did you most recently feel you should be dancing?

Not in this century. Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s I did some stints as a disco DJ... that was another lifetime ago, though all of the songs linked to in these questions were popular dance numbers at the time I was working.

2. What hot stuff have you recently consumed?

Black pepper? Mostly seasoning on stuff. A recent Saffron Road microwave dinner was quite spicy hot.

3. What kind of side-hustle would be fun to try?

I don't know if I would be relevant now, but mobile DJ again. However today it is probably real easy as you can load your entire dance trax and much more into a laptop computer(s). Back in the day it was a couple of crates of heavy LPs, 45s and 12 inch singles - and then there is the heavy gear.. nope not going there. Plus no one worried about copyright and public airplay back in those days.

Probably a better one would be radio DJ if that were available, but most radio stations are all computerized.

Other than that I have done freelance desktop publishing and wedding photography in the past. The latter is too stressful to cope with at my advanced age. Was fun in the film days because not everyone was good at shooting photos in those days, and no one had a smartphone or digital camera.

4. What were some of this summer’s good times?

None. I'm just plodding through life at my slow, mundane, old way.

5. What are your plans for Saturday night?

More than likely staying home, watching a movie and maybe ordering a pizza to go. 

S A T U R D A Y   night!!!! 

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Friday 5 for September 15: Happy Hour

I recently ate at Chic-fil-A for the first and only time so far. It was okay but nothing spectacular.

Happy Hour? Not.


I had all of my answers saved to Google Docs on Friday but forgot to post them here until today... Sunday. Questions come from their usual source.

1. During which specific hour of the day are you likeliest to be happy?

It depends on the circumstance and where I am during the day.

2. Which food-beverage pairings do you feel strongest about?

The standard burger - bun, beef, chicken or fish - should have tomato, lettuce and onion and one sauce at their most basic level.

The burger can be matched with water (my preference) or a soft drink of some type.

Optional - French fries or macaroni potato salad.

Optional 2 would be cheese, cucumbers, additional spices, avacado.

3. Do you enjoy (or have you enjoyed) socializing with coworkers?

It depends on where I have worked. Office parties are an unwanted social chore for me…. As are most "business" lunches with the entire group. I'm not a big fan of group gatherings.

One on one (or two) with a trusted colleague is more to my preference if one must socialize. Generally I rather go home.

4. When did you last try something different (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to drink?

I haven't tried anything new in the drink department for a long time. I don't do any alcoholic drinks, and have sworn off sugared drinks since 2011. I mostly drink just plain old water.

5. What’s your favorite way to unwind after a long day of doing whatever you do during the day?

Listen to recorded music on one of my many owned playback devices. Records, CDs, tapes or digital files / streams. If I feel motivated, i also like to take photo walks with one of my many cameras.

Friday, September 8, 2023

Friday 5 for September 8: Kickoff

A6-AIN BOEING B737-7Z5 BBJ B737/WL  c/n 29268 I/n 280 → ROYAL JET / ROJ // BJ 1999 // auch A6-AIN → ABU DHABI AMIRI FLIGHT > AUH

Friday 5 for September 8: Kickoff

From Scrivener...

1. What is your system or routine for paying bills?

Some are on auto pay, others are manual via online payment. A few are done the old fashioned way, "send in a check". I don't do any mobile payments. Only my wired Mac computer.

2. Forced to choose from a lion, bear, and panther, which would you keep as a pet, which would you put on your family crest, and which would you be reincarnated as?

  • Crest - Lion
  • Pet - Bear
  • Reincarnated - Panther

And all of these are names of NFL football teams.. maybe I should be reincarnated as an NFL team owner?

3. Who in your life is (metaphorically!) a saint?

No one is perfect. So the answer is NONE.

4. Assuming no negative impact on the environment and all expenses covered by someone else, where would you go (and what would you do) right now if someone offered you use of a private jet?

First back to the Big Island and then traveling in different places around the United States. Of course it would depend on the size and range of the jet. 

5. Brown gets a lot of hate, but what are some lovely brown things?

One of the cars I used to own was brown. Dirt is mostly brown but you need it to grow things. I don't have any hate of brown. Heck I am brown skinned myself. So there.