Friday, September 8, 2023

Friday 5 for September 8: Kickoff

A6-AIN BOEING B737-7Z5 BBJ B737/WL  c/n 29268 I/n 280 → ROYAL JET / ROJ // BJ 1999 // auch A6-AIN → ABU DHABI AMIRI FLIGHT > AUH

Friday 5 for September 8: Kickoff

From Scrivener...

1. What is your system or routine for paying bills?

Some are on auto pay, others are manual via online payment. A few are done the old fashioned way, "send in a check". I don't do any mobile payments. Only my wired Mac computer.

2. Forced to choose from a lion, bear, and panther, which would you keep as a pet, which would you put on your family crest, and which would you be reincarnated as?

  • Crest - Lion
  • Pet - Bear
  • Reincarnated - Panther

And all of these are names of NFL football teams.. maybe I should be reincarnated as an NFL team owner?

3. Who in your life is (metaphorically!) a saint?

No one is perfect. So the answer is NONE.

4. Assuming no negative impact on the environment and all expenses covered by someone else, where would you go (and what would you do) right now if someone offered you use of a private jet?

First back to the Big Island and then traveling in different places around the United States. Of course it would depend on the size and range of the jet. 

5. Brown gets a lot of hate, but what are some lovely brown things?

One of the cars I used to own was brown. Dirt is mostly brown but you need it to grow things. I don't have any hate of brown. Heck I am brown skinned myself. So there.

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