Monday, November 14, 2022

Friday 5 for November 11: Seemingly (but not actually) unrelated questions


The music of The Beatles are among my most played songs.

It's late Monday night and Tuesday in some parts of the globe. This is a late post to the last Friday 5 of November 11.

1. When did you last have something custom-made to your specifications, not counting meals?

Long ago, built to order Apple Macintosh G4 tower computer - 2001. Prior to that PowerCenter Power Computing Mac Clone - 1997

2. In what way were you reminded this week that we’ve been experiencing a pandemic for nearly three years?

I got sick before Halloween with the dreaded COVID bug. Got over it this past week.

3. Who did you recently see in person for the first time in ages?

About 4 weeks ago - D.R. from my college days.

4. What will me-time look like for you this weekend?

Stayed at home about 98% of the past weekend.

5. What songs have you been enjoying lately? 

Plenty. My songs change almost daily. You can view what I most recently listened to:

List of my most played rock and pop artists of all time since 2006: