Thursday, May 30, 2019

Friday 5 for May 24: A Week

1. If I give you $20 to spend selfishly by tomorrow evening, what do you spend it on?

Recently back into vinyl again, so probably go to either Hungry Ear or Ideas Books and Records to buy some LPs... maybe 45s.

2. What’s a delivery you recently waited too long for?

Not recently, but prizes I won from a podcast that never came. Was several years ago.

3. How annoying have you been lately?

I try not to be annoying but if I am I apologize.

4. When did you last give someone a ride in your car for the first time?

Not recently.... probably a few years ago when my sister came. Otherwise it's the same few people... Lisa mostly.

5. What was the last piece of candy you ate?

Some small Snickers bar at the Hawaii Geek Meet on May 26.



For some reason my comments section won't let me respond to your comments... So amending this post to answer your comments here:

"Thanks folks for the comments. 勝美 - Seems like you got some cool vinyl finds. Not astonishing that the ancillary items that come with special edition releases have higher collectible value, but still that Steel Wheels box is a find.

Scrivner, my recent vinyl finds have been bringing more of my old vinyl back from the Big Island to Honolulu. I've been in vinyl for many years, tapered off in the 90s and early 2000s, and even got rid about 50% of it. Now I am in rebuilding mode but trying to control myself from being a gigantic record hoarder.

That said I am prone to buy used vinyl in good condition at either bargain or a reasonable price. Most recent find that I got from Hungry Ear on Record Store day was a good used copy of Brenda Lee's 1960 DECCA label debut album, "Brenda Lee". That one has some of my favorite Brenda Lee songs including "Sweet Nothins'", "I'm Sorry", "That's All You Gotta Do", "My Baby Likes Western Guys" and " Just Let Him Dream"... great stuff if you like rock-a-billy styled country pop from that era.

Brenda Lee was one of the biggest selling female artists of all time until contemporary ones like Madonna came along. She also headlined shows in England that The Beatles were once the opening act for."

Friday, May 3, 2019

Friday 5 for May 3: Continental Breakfast

Credit: Machu Pichu by Martin St-Amant - Wikipedia - CC-BY-SA-3.0

1. When did you last enjoy some Asian cuisine?

Our office had a luncheon last week at Legends in the Chinese Cultural Plaza. Just the other day I had a Filipino plate lunch. None of it is very good if you are supposed to watch your health.

2. What’s something you’d like to do in South America?

Visit Machu Pichu in Peru. I don't know if you can drive up to it (probably can't) and I almost certainly will never go since travel is very expensive, especially if you are from Hawaii. You have to go northeast first to L.A. or San Diego and then travel down south to get to the continent of South America. Sounds very, very expensive.

You would think Hawaii would start marketing to South America and have a direct flight to at least one country there which could shorten the travel time and cost.

3. What’s a popular tourist thing in Europe you have very little interest in?

Waiting in a long line to see Mona Lisa in crowded conditions just to get a picture of a picture. Ugh. Waiting in a long line to see anything where you finally get there, the time is very limited or the venue is very crowded.

I hope the French government has a huge insurance policy and fire protection on this one. You can fix Notre Dame but if Mona burns up, she's gone forever!

4. Which of Australia’s strange animals do you find most fascinating or adorable?

There are so many strange animals in Australia. Koala bears come to mind as being cute and cuddly, but I would not think so. Kangaroos I'd avoid since they are known to kick with deadly force.... I guess I would like to see a big Emu bird. There we go.

5. What’s something interesting you just learned about Africa?

I can't think of anything significant right off hand. One of my Flickr acquaintances spends a lot of time in Kenya, so I get to see pictures from that region.

Questions from the Friday 5 blog.