Saturday, October 17, 2020

Friday 5 for October 9: Role Play

  1. How do you think you’d do in learning to fly a plane?

I’m pretty good flying a plane on my Android device. Heh. But in real life, probably too complicated though I kind of know the basics since I watch so many aviation videos on YouTube. I guess I could learn to fly, but it is expensive and I am pretty much too old to do anything like that these days.

  1. How do you think you’d do hosting a nationally televised late-night talk show?

I'd rather do a late night radio show with a mix of news, politics, conservative opinion and music. I am not photogenic or entertaining enough to do late night TV. Plus late night TV is not like what it used to be when Johnny Carson was on the air. Today’s late night show are too left leaning.

  1. How do you think you’d do in auto body repair school?

Probably OK after taking classes in auto repair. One thing I know for sure is that older cars are probably easier to self service and repair vs. newer models.

  1. How do you think you’d do as the only occupant of the International Space Station for a year?

If it were not so dangerous, i think i would love to be up there doing whatever work i would be trained for. I can handle being away from actual people as long as I can remain in contact through email, text, chat, social media, voice and video. I would have 16 chances every day to take sunrise and sunset photos since the station orbits the globe 16 times a day.

  1. How do you think you’d do as a professional dog groomer?

I am not a dog person. I don’t like dogs. I would be a lousy groomer. I have no pets. They are just another mouth to feed. I do like cats. My sister has 4 of them. Good enough when I pay her an occasional visit.

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