Friday, September 23, 2022

Friday 5 for September 23: Dancing in September

The following questions came from Scrivener's Friday 5 blog.

1. How did you spend the 21st night of September?

I stayed home and did stuff on my computer.

2. When did you last hear bells ringing (real bells, not something electronic)?

I think the bells at Kawaihao Church several years ago. Not too many people use bells today.

3. What have you done in recent months to chase the clouds away for someone else?

Lisa lights up when I get her small gifts, flowers and pizza.

4. What are some good songs sung in falsetto?

The Bee Gees come to mind first in pop music - not in an ordered list….

  • Stayin' Alive

  • Tragedy

  • Night Fever

  • More Than a Woman

  • Love You Inside Out

  • You Should Be Dancing

Leo Sayer - You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

Tiny Tim - Tiptoe Through the Tulips (good is debatable here, but the thing is memorable)

Earth Wind & Fire - Reasons, September, Let's Groove Tonight

Melanie - Brand New Key (probably not, but she has a high voice)

The Stylistics - I'm Stone in Love With You, Ebony Eyes

Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons - Sherry, Walk Like a Man, Rag Doll

Elton John - Crocodile Rock (probably the part in the chorus)

The Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Mahi Beamer - Pupu Hinu Hinu

Funny how I only remember old songs from the 1960s and 70s with falsetto parts in them. Can't recall songs from later years.

5. Of earth, wind, and fire, which is likeliest to have a positive influence on your weekend?

Most definitely wind since sound needs air to travel through… and that allows us to hear and listen to music. đŸ˜ƒ

And of course a playlist of some of the songs listed above. Most are audio only. Listen at your own risk.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Friday 5 for September 16, 2022 - Heard It Through the Grapevine

 The following questions are from the Friday 5 blog.

GRAPES: I took this photo in 2017. I am sure the price has spiked up. Organic always cost more than a dollar than regular varieties.

On to the questions:

1. How do you feel about grapes?

They're good but EXPENSIVE!

2. How do you feel about wine?

I do not drink alcoholic beverages.

3. How much of a gossip are you?

Less than 10%. I don't keep up with this kind of crap, rarely socialize, so there is nothing much to gossip about.

4. How much purple is in your wardrobe?

Less than 5%.

5. How have you gotten better as you’ve grown older?

I remain committed to my conservative political beliefs.

6. Bonus Question: What’s the best food with raisins in it?



And of course the famous Marvin Gaye song from 1968. Did you know that Gladys Knight & the Pips recorded the first hit version of this song a year prior to Marvin Gaye? Both artists were on the celebrated Motown label.

Friday, September 2, 2022

Friday 5 + 5 = Catching Up With the Last Two Weeks

The Friday 5 questions as originally posted to the Friday 5 blog with answers here. Ready, Set, Go!

Friday 5 for September 2: All in the family

1. What efforts do you make in resisting Father Time?

I listen to a lot of old music from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. I have old records and CDs. Plus mixed tapes. Old movies are good too. I have a pared down collection on DVD... I used to have more. I kept the ones I consider classics. I watch old TV shows and movies on streaming video. TUBI TV has some good old movies... Amazon Prime too. In the last 10 to 15 years I have not seen many contemporary movies. Theaters are too expensive, many movies don't go to Amazon Prime, so I just watch the oldies. No biggie.

I've tried turning the clock back a few minutes every day. I don't have a DeLorean with a nuclear thingy that can go 88.5 mph to break the time barrier... oh well.. and H.G. Wells' time traveler took his machine back to the Eloi Earth and there is not chance of him coming back.

So basically all efforts to resist Father Time will prove to be hopeless as the oblong box or the crematorium will be our final destination.

2. In what manner do you try to be a good steward of Mother Earth?

Don't get me started with this because I hate the whole green Earth Biden and AOC agenda that has been pushed not only by the federal government since January 2020, but also by the asinine State Government of Hawaii. Outlaw coal electricity production thereby raising our electric rates higher in the long run! Yep, thatʻs Hawaii. Politics and environmentalism have made our lives less convenient and more expensive!

Look at California and Washington State. They want to ban sales on gasoline powered cars. Screw that horrible agenda. I hate forced recycling. I hate less convenience and increased costs for this agenda. Plastics bans... and all of that government induced crap pandering to the Environmental Extermists! Ugh!!! CO$TLY to our pocketbooks. I am angry!

Since I will be dead in a couple of decades, why should I care? I don't have kids, I don't have much of a legacy to leave behind. Plus in about 5 billion years the sun will become a red giant and long before that happens, it will scorch this world Earth, Venus, Mercury and Mars into cinders. There is not much to hope for us in the long run except for death. It is a given.

That all said, I do send our trash down the building's trash chute. I don't use that much water in my home. I don't have a yard. My home is small/tiny so not much electricity is used. So you got those short term things. 

3. What has recently caused you to say Uncle?

With my advancing age, some young people call me "uncle". All of my real uncles from days gone by have passed away. So, I donʻt have any literal reason to say "uncle".

As a slang term for pain or stop or whatever, I have never used it.

4. Among actors in Ant-Man, who are you particularly fond of?

I have never seen Ant-Man or any new movie except for those that show up on Amazon Prime. I don't even know what Ant-Man is about. I guess that is either another Disney/Marvel franchise movie or one from Warner Brothers/DC Comics franchise... OK.. going to look that up... Thanks for the link.

OK... another Disney/Marvel franchise film... 2015... wow that was long ago already. See I donʻt go to the movies and I donʻt subscribe to Disney Plus. Also there are way too many Marvel movies out there. How can anyone keep up with this stuff? I think I only saw the original Thor and Captain America from the franchise movies.

Only two actors in that movie I know anything about. The first one is Michael Douglas who made a name of himself by being the son of legendary actor Kirk Douglas and getting his first big break in the TV series Streets of San Francisco. I know him best for the movies Romancing the Stone, The War of the Roses and Wall Street. I loved Kathleen Turner

The only other member of that cast that I know of somewhat is Evangeline Lily, mainly because she was part of the cast of that doomed flight in LOST (2004 - 2010) TV series... ABC/Disney. What a coincidence!

Everyone else, I have never heard of.

5. Which notable brothers would you most like to hang out with? Which notable sisters?

First of all my brother and sister are the two most notable ones I know. While we are estranged from my brother, I like hanging with my sister when I can.

There are no other brothers and sisters of note that I would like to hang with.

Friday 5 for August 26: Four months

Merry Christmas

With this late posting probably less that that... Oh wait here is a link to the Christmas Countdown Clock. That will prevent you from resisting Father Time. Ever noticed when we were kids, it seemed like an eternity before Christmas would finally roll around. Now that I am much older, I go... "Oh no! Christmas is just around the corner??? This quickly! Yikes!!!"

Christmas is one of those turning points that mark our age, every year all the time. It is the signal that only seven days remain before another new year will arrive as we march another step closer to our graves.

1. How good are you at wrapping gifts?

With patience I am fairly good. For a short period of time I did work at the Waikiki Christmas Store where we did a lot of "gift wrapping".

2. When are you likely to begin your Christmas shopping this year?

December 21, 22 or 23....I know there is a gift card rack at Longs, Walmart and Target. Plus I can send out virtual gift cards from Amazon. Gift cards are great things for the last minute shopper.

3. How do you feel about candy canes?

Cheap sticky, sugary crap that is passed out for free at all kinds of places and functions. I do however like the song "Candy Cane Lane" by Sia.

4. Have you been naughty or nice this year? 

Just hiding under the radar as I do most years. Naughty or nice is a subjective judgement.

5. In what way was today most December-like?

It was sunny and hot as I think it will be in December. Global warming is a good thing in December.... plus I live in Honolulu Hawaii close to Waikiki. ItÊ»s sunny and warm every Christmas which is what helps our economy as jet-loads of tourists come to visit Hawaii and flee the harsh cold for a few days or weeks. 

So E Como Mai. Hawaii is open for most businesses. Come visit us. Spend your money. Add to our tax collections. Help pay for Hawaiiʻs wasteful government spending. Oh what fun it is to ride and sing in a slaying song tonight!

Moohahahahahaha! Merry Christmas and Have Fun. Donʻt forget about that Red Giant which will come in 4 billion years. Whoopee!

Friday, August 12, 2022

Friday 5 for August 12: X³


The five questions this week come from its usual source, the Friday 5 Blog.

Here are the Qs and my As:

1. One lump or two?

Two if I am drinking hot chocolate or something like that. I donʻt do coffee.

2. What was in the last box you received in the mail?

Amazon Echo Dot 4 $19 on Cyber Monday Nov. 2021. See photo here. "Alexa, play Song Quiz..." "Alexa turn on the light." "Alexa play The Beatles"... "Alexa, what time is it?"

"Alexa, kill yourself"... (boink).... heheheh...

3. In those places where you prepare your own soft drink, how much ice do you put in the cup?

None. I only drink water.

4. How do you have your workspace decorated?

With clutter.

5. What’s your favorite dice-driven game?

None, though I recall Monopoly have dice. Been ages since I played that. Otherwise none. Not a roll the dice kind of guy.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Friday 5's: Friday 5 + 1 + 5 = 11!

This post catches up on two week's worth of Friday 5s. The questions are sourced from the usual place... The Friday 5 blog.

August 5, 2022 - WHMS

WHMS - A radio or TV station or just a fancy way to say "whims".

1. What’s the farthest you’ve ever driven in one trip?

Um.. since I live in Hawaii there is not too many places you can go. They are mostly near, but go over an hour, then that's far. That said... on the Big Island of Hawaii.... Honokaa to Ka'u on the south-side of that island. Did that in 1984 when we took my grandmother on a drive back to the area she grew up during the early years of the last century. It was a fun, multi hour trip for the day that covered more than 200 miles I guess. We did that with my parents' Ford Granada.

I've been to the continent, but none of the trips I drove there were "far"... Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam and a little over the boarder into Arizona... Um.. ok...more sand and desert, we turned back avoiding an even longer, unplanned trip segment.

2. What are you very particular about when ordering in a restaurant?

Make sure they have free iced water. Some restaurants don't. I do not do alcoholic beverages or sugared soft drinks.

3. Which of your friendships goes back the furthest?

My sister! Knew her since 1965 (baby time). We keep in touch. Friendships with my cousins go back more than 50 years, though I am not very close to most of them. After that my ongoing friendships (mainly through Facebook and other social media platforms) with some grade/high school classmates (1970s). After that some of my college friends (late 1970s)... and then professional friends from the 1980s onward. Not mentioning any names, but if you follow me on Facebook, you may know who some of them are.

4. How do you feel about romantic comedy films, and what’s your favorite?

Um... I can live without them... That said, the ones I enjoyed the most:

  • Splash
  • Sixteen Candles
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • Romancing the Stone

5. How did you spend last new year’s eve, and how would you like to spend the next?

I stayed at home. I did the same the previous year and will probably do the same this coming new year. Ho hum. Not much to celebrate as I grow older.

6. Bonus question, since it’s the sort not everyone can answer: What’s your favorite song from Oklahoma!?

Checked some YouTube clips. Don't recall any of them, though I do remember Shirley Jones who went on the star in The Partridge Family from 1970 to 1974.

July 29: Scattergories Part 12

This is the random generator one. Let's see which letter option I'm gonna do:


Ding! I got C and we know "C is for Cookie!"

1. What geographical feature should be renamed in your honor?

Cape of Mad Mel - You know way down south near South Africa and Antarctica. A menace to navigation!

2. Who should play you in a movie about your life?

Clint Eastwood. Heh. One of my favorite actors currently alive, though his characterization of me would probably not match since I associate him with "tough guy" roles. More to my liking and still alive is Tom Hanks.

3. What are you chasing?

Elusive CASH.

4. What’s getting in your way?

Lack of CASH

5. What are you especially grateful for this week?

CASH! I found a dime on the ground the other day. Plus I can use cash to pay for COOKIES! I am always grateful for cookies that I can eat and not the evil ones I have to delete from my browsers.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Friday 5 for July 22: I ♡ the 80s

 The 1980s... college days and the start of real work. Questions taken from Scrivener's Friday 5 blog.

1. What was your greatest Triumph this week?

"Hold On" - Making it alive to today and hopefully again for many tomorrows.

2. When did you last interact with the Police?

"Murder by Numbers" - About two years ago when I had to report my stolen stuff. The items included an old G4 Power Mac, were never recovered.

3. What’s recently caused your Heart to leap?

"Who Will You Run To?" - Sometimes my friend Lisa, though it is mostly the other way around.

4. What are you in no Rush to deal with?

"New World Man" - Things I don't like doing I put off for as long as I can.

5. How liberally do you use Salt-n-Pepa?

"Push It" - Pepper is the new salt for me since consuming too much salt increases your blood pressure. A lot of packaged foods are high in salt content, which forces me to read the labels before purchasing. That said, never add salt to packaged foods. They are salty enough.

I push pepper as a good substitute. I use it on a lot of food that I used to salt.

Here is my video playlist "Top Hits of the 1980s". Enjoy!

Friday, July 15, 2022

Friday 5 for July 15: Scrivening

 The following questions are from Scrivener's Friday 5 blog.

1. What are your strengths as a writer?

I can write best from stuff I remember in my life, but then most people can. I don't consider myself a great writer or scribe of any sort. But over the many years I have done enough writing to be employed in some capacity where writing and editing was part of my job. I do mostly news writing kinds of things, which is writing that t me is mostly disposable unless you are a collector of historic or hysterical details of the times. I mean news writing skills are as good as the last press release some other editor at another publication tossed after scanning for less than a minute or miraculously used a piece of it in an ongoing news item. But mostly it is throw away writing. Newspapers of yore became fish-wrap or basket liners the same day as they were bought, online news is only good for the moment until the next click or swipe. It's all forgotten and disposable in short time.

2. What are your challenges as a writer?

If I did not write so hastily, I probably could do better. Often times, especially in an online forum or blog, I just bang out what I want or need to say, and worry about he details later, often after I hit the POST button or whatever.

I think this is a consequence of, hey... it's online, nobody takes it that seriously, and if I have a mistake it can be easily fixed (in most cases where you control the site) and reposted again, with very little or no cost.

On the other hand, if you make a mistake in a print media format, that mistake is there forever, and may cost thousands of dollars to fix, and possibly jeopardize your employment as a writer or editor. It is a good thing that most people read stuff online.

Grammar and organization is sometimes a challenge too. There is a lot I could improve, but sadly I don't. Perhaps I should write a book.

Um... maybe not. 

3. When did you last write creatively?

Probably a few times on my blogs. Can't remember exactly when without looking up the dates and entries. Overall though, I would think very few exercises of "creative writing" on my part. I am more "matter of fact", bang it out, move along.

4. Which writers did you especially enjoy when you were a student?

Dr. Seuss was fun.... Green Eggs & Ham, The Cat In The Hat book series.

L. Frank Baum - The Wizard of OZ. I wish I had the really nicely illustrated book that my parents bought us way back in the 1960s.

Virginia Lee Burton - The Little House... the house was saved from the nightmare of urban sprawl and rail. This book foreshadowed the rail issue that I have serious grief about today.

Lennon and McCartney wrote great songs. Lyricist Bernie Taupin for Elton John. Carole King & Gerry Goffin wrote some classic rock n roll songs. George Harrison wrote "Here Comes the Sun," "Taxman" and "Something" among his small collection of songs for The Beatles.

As a teen and college kid I read most of the Dune series of books by Frank Herbert.

Isaac Asimov, science fiction writer. Mostly short stories that I have forgotten now, except for Nightfall which was creepy for the people who never saw night.

H.G. Wells - The Time Machine; the traveler went further into the future beyond the Eloi and Morlok thing... got to see the sun as a red giant which is 5 billion years into our future... Heh... And of course The War of The Worlds which occurs in the Victorian era, and adapted over time to radio, TV shows and movies.

5. What is your handwriting like?

It is legible... Let's do some samples here (Pixel 4a):