Saturday, August 26, 2023

Friday 5 for August 25: Until it hurts


The following questions come from Scrivener's Friday 5 website:

1. Which charitable organizations do you think do especially meaningful work?

There are many that do good work. But from my biased perspective, I will go with Assistance League (of Hawaii). I am their website administrator, photographer and newsletter editor. Our mission statement:

"Assistance League volunteers transforming the lives of children and adults through community programs."

In other words, we provide needy children and families with school clothes, supplies, baby items, emergency supplies, education services reading enrichment (through our OWL and literacy services programs) and much more.

Learn more by downloading our community newsletter or visiting our website.

2. When has someone recently appreciated your giving them your time?

The member volunteers from Assistance League of Hawaii like the work I do for their website and monthly member newsletter.

3. When have you asked someone to give you a little space?

I keep my distance and rarely have to ask anyone to give me more space.

4. What do you simply not give a darn* about, despite its mattering to your friends or relatives?

Dogs. High maintenance, costly waste of money, messy,  noisy, smelly, jumpy and sometimes biting. Yuck! How can people put up with such creatures... especially indoors, on bedding, furniture and everywhere else these stinky things go. Ugh!

5. What are you close to giving up on?

Hulu, Paramount+ when the 1 year promotional trial rates expire.

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