Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday 5 for November 25: Leftovers.

Today's Thanksgiving Lunch

From the Friday 5 website: LEFTOVERS.

1. Leftover from April 17, 2009: What’s a creature comfort (practically unnecessary) you must take with you on an overnight trip in the great outdoors? Please consider a phone something that has practical necessity!

iPod Touch and another camera. I don't own a cell phone. iPod Touch comes in handy for listening to music, taking pictures or video, light reading, video viewing and more. Camera... well I use that to take pictures.

2. Leftover from August 31, 2007: What did yesterday cost you? Thanksgiving in the U.S., but answer it for wherever you are and whatever you did!

For starters $210 round trip fare from Honolulu to Big Island of Hawaii and back. Travel cost to get to Honokaa from Hilo + meal costs contributed to family meal.

3. Leftover from January 25, 2008: What was your excuse the last time you were REALLY late for something?

Could not find my keys.

4. Leftover from February 18, 2011: What was your first online purchase?

It was probably a CD from in 1997.

5. Leftover from December 25, 2009: Which of your gifts do you think you do not put to its best, fullest use?

Color rotating light fixture. It's still in the box from the person I got it from. Haven't used it.

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