Saturday, October 21, 2023

Friday 5 for October 20: On the subway walls


Friday 5 for October 20: On the subway walls: As usual the questions originate from Scrivener's Friday 5 blog.

1. Which words do you use too frequently?

- Swear words when I am frustrated, startled or angry... the two common ones starting with F and Sh.

2. Which words do you use not enough?

I apologize.

3. Which words have you recently learned?

- Rakkyo - I thought it was "Ronkyo". I recently found out that ronkyo does not exist but instead it is called Rakkyo.

4. Which words do you love to hear?

"Chuckle" - it's cute when I hear it spoken in audio books or podcasts. I think about fuzzy little creatures that purr similar to Tribbles in Star Trek, even though it means a somewhat subdued laugh.. Chuckles.

FREE STUFF - Yep, that gets my attention.

FREE PARKING - self explanatory


FREE STREAMING - yep... Pluto TV, Tubi TV,  iHeartRadio, etc.

FREE - by itself is generally good too.

5. Which new slang terms do you especially like or dislike?

Some of these may be new, but I suspect and know several are old:


Legit - legal, legitimate

Doh! - what?!! Oh NO! (adopted from The Simpsons)

Cluckers - I made this up and use it... chickens! 

Puka (Hawaii) - hole 


Brah (local Hawaii) - I hate being called that... "Eh brah"

Unkle (local Hawaii) - I am not your uncle.

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