Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Friday 5 Late: Newness

My New MacBook Pro

OK. I did not do Friday 5 the week before last, and this one is 5 days late... January 5. I guess its a good day to do a Friday 5 on a Tuesday which is the 5th day of the month and the new year.

1. What’s something that’s better when the newness has worn off?

My vinyl record collection. I appreciate many of my old records more today than when they were new years ago.

2. What’s something you already own that could stand to be replaced by the newer version?

Um... yes.. I just bought a new MacBook Pro laptop computer that replaces my Power Mac G4 tower as my primary computer. While I love the new Mac, the old tower as well as my older G3 Power Macintosh iBook laptop still serves loyal duty as a file / music server (G4) and smaller road warrior (iBook).

3. What’s something that was better before someone made it “new and improved?”

Apple iPod Shuffle... I think the original gum stick design is the best. I have 2 of them and they still work fine. Apple really screwed up with the 3rd generation iPod Shuffle by making it too small (easy for me to lose) and moving all of the major controls to the ear bud cord... like um.. that is a bad idea because you cannot connect a third party headphone to the new iPod Shuffle without some kind of proprietary, Apple approved adapter or use the device to plug into a car audio or home stereo system... all of which I can do with my original model shuffle and 3 other iPods that I own without any proprietary adapter thingy.

4. Of geographic locations whose names begin with the word “new,” which seems like the most interesting place to visit?

I have heard that New Zealand is a very nice place to visit and take photographs.

5. On what date will 2010 no longer feel like the new year?

Probably around the end of January... like say, January 21 onward.

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