Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friday 5 for September 10: Fields

Waikiki 1-1-10

Friday 5 for Sept. 10: Fields
Questions from the weekly Friday 5 website.

1. What is the field nearest your home like?

There are a couple of scrawny baseball fields in Ala Moana Park. That's about the nearest "field" to my home. I live in urban Honolulu. As far as fields go, my favorite is Kapiolani Park - the place has a big, expansive field that can be used for multiple events at the same time. However the best time for me to go there is when hardly anyone is using it. I just like to simply walk through it and admire the not so distant landmarks from there... Diamond Head to the east and Waikiki's urban jungle to the west.

2. How did you get into the professional field you’re in? If you’re not working, what field are you most likely to find yourself in some day?

Currently I'm an administrative type of person, but I spend a lot of time creating, modifying, editing various media projects for my employer as well as a handful of other individuals and organizations. Those media things are usually web pages, blogs, photography, news writing and some graphic arts. These learned skills have been applied to my job in the political field.

3. What’s the most interesting sight within your current field of vision?

Not much in my cluttered apartment... so the most interesting sight within my current filed of vision is the MacBook Pro computer I'm typing this entry on.

4. Where were you the last time you fielded questions from several people in turn?

A few months ago at work, and occasionally during the slow season, a few phone calls from people with questions on procedure, process and issues.

5. How are you feeling right now?

Ho-hum (9-9-10) because I was not feeling very well for part of the day. Had a medical problem recur. Will be talking to my doctor tomorrow (9-10-10).

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