Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday 5 for January 21: Super

Super Man

It's 4:23 AM Hawaii time and the January 28 Friday 5 has not been posted. I'll answer the January 21 edition.

1. There are superheroes named Superman, Superfly, and Supergirl. Based on your performance this past week in whatever you do, what would have been your Super_____ name?

My super name? This past week it would have been Superoverworked.

2. This week, what has been superterrific and what has been superlame?

Superterrific - a cool picture I shot of Shiro Matsuo, Hawaii's Saimin King on Jan. 27.

Superlame - The Governor's State of the State address.

3. Which of Superman’s abilities would have been the most useful this week?

X-ray vision could always be useful.

4. What do you most expect will be super this weekend?

Nothing much.

5. What are your thoughts this week about the coming Super Bowl?

I wonder who will have the best multi-million dollar commercial on Fox TV.

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