Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday 5 for March 30: Handle

Again... a day late and probably a dollar short.

Aloha Airlines 737 - 2004

1. How well do you handle the sight of blood?

It's somewhat tolerable.

2. How well do you handle bumpy plane rides?

I think about plane crash statistics when this happens and remind myself flying is safer than driving your own car. Of course it depends on the severity of the turbulence.

On another note read this speculative story about deadly air turbulence.

3. How well do you handle spicy food?


4. How well do you handle (or think you could handle) yourself in fisticuffs?

My natural instinct is to flee from a situation. Luckily it hasn't happened since maybe 2nd grade.

5. How well do you handle a chef’s knife?

I'm not a culinary expert, but I would presume I could cut something with it.

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