Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday 5 for April 5: Yikes!

From Scrivener's Friday 5 blog come these topical questions.

1. How do thunder and lightning make you feel?

I'm missing an opportunity to get a good photo.

2. How do spiders make you feel?

I have no feelings toward spiders. If they get in the way, they get squashed... otherwise I leave them alone. I took a picture of this spider a few years back.

3. How do recent threats on America by North Korea make you feel?
Atomic Bomb Test

I worry our U.S. President may not be able to take decisive and final action against the nut from North Korea. Otherwise we'll be putting our heads between our legs and kissing are asses goodbye.

4. How concerned are you about having your identity stolen?

I shred sensitive documents and don't do banking transactions on a wireless network.

Identity Theft

5. How cautious are you about food spoilage in your refrigerator?

I don't eat old food, but sometimes my fridge turns into a biological hazard zone and museum of the macabre.

Cheese plate in the Old Port of Montréal

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