Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday 5 for February 12: Pounding the Pavement

The following questions with my answers comes from Scrivener's weekly Friday 5 blog. This week is "Pounding the Pavement".

1. What was the occasion for your last going door-to-door?

2014 election campaign; went door to door helping a State House candidate.

2. When did you last trip and fall?

The most recent one I remember is in 2009 when I was shooting a video at a party, I went backwards and fell, holding on to the camera with the video still running. I did not post the video anywhere.

3. When wandering about, where are you most likely to stop and take a photo of something?

I think I'll stop at anything that catches my fancy. I usually have some kind of camera with me at all times. Sunrises, sunsets, flowers, people, buildings, places are some of my favorite "wandering about" subjects.

4. How safe do you feel walking around your neighborhood at night by yourself?

Neighborhood is fairly well lit and I got a 24 hour grocery store, WalMart, fire station and Walgreens within walking distance.

5. How do you feel about FitBit and other smart health gadgets?

 I may get a FitBit. Saw them at the Microsoft Store. Don't own anything like that at this time. The FitBit is cheaper than the Apple Watch.

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