Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday 5 for May 13: How Did You Learn That?

Student Driver

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1. How did you learn to throw a ball?

From my Dad, neighborhood friends and school.

2. How did you learn to drive?

My Dad started teaching me how to drive at around age 8 and 10. We had/have a big place to drive without hitting anything. So I first learned to drive a 1960 Willys Pick-Up truck and later a 1967 International pick-up truck. When it came time for getting my driver's license, my Mom led me through most of that process (learner's permit) using her 1972 Chevelle. It was fun. Still is when there is no traffic.

3. How did you learn to swim?

Add me to the statistic "living on an island, not knowing how to swim".... how bad is that? Next....

4. What is the most recent thing you learned how to do from an online tutorial?

Learning how to sew on a button!

I also keep referring back to a couple of Unix tutorials when I forget how to do something in the terminal shell and also to the one on how to eject a stuck CD or DVD from your MacBook Pro. I find the terminal command to be the most useful in getting a stubborn one out: drutil eject

5. How did you learn most of your social etiquette?

I credit my Mom with teaching us good table manners. Back in the day we all ate at the dinner table as a family, and this is where, as kids we learned how to eat, behave and which fork was for the salad, which one was for the entree, etc. These are good skills to know especially after you grow up and get into situations where you just need to know this, like at corporate functions.

In the larger scope of other social etiquette skills I learned from school, church, friends and other sources of information.


  1. Back in the day we also ate as a family, nearly every meal until our mom got sick.

  2. I miss my family meals since both my parents have passed on and I just live alone. Hopefully you can still enjoy that today,