Monday, January 20, 2020

Friday 5 for January 17: Master of your domain

Happy New Year Three+ Weeks in. It's Monday and here are my answers to this past weekend's Friday 5.

1. What are the areas of your expertise?

Basic skills: Breathing, sleeping, eating, consuming stuff.

Special skills: Photography, Mac and Chrome OS computers, typesetting (from long ago), layout and design, blogging, writing and editing (though I am always in a rush and am sometimes careless), navigating and explaining the quagmire of the Hawaii State Legislative process, complaining, pop music knowledge, old technology. Ha!

2. What are you territorial about?

My home. I live in a place with a good security system. I also hate spam email and junk phone calls, so I am quite territorial about phone numbers and email addresses.

3. What’s a bit of specific wisdom from your field that could apply to life in general?

Try to be patient and let things slowly develop if there is time. Be early, never be late.

4. How big or small is your personal space bubble?

At least 5 feet. Most of the time I am miles away from things I don't like.

5. What are your current emotional and mental states?

I'm ok.

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