Sunday, September 27, 2020

Friday 5 for September 25: Go Fry an Egg


The simple answer to all of these questions is "Fuck it. I'm leaving, Going home. Bye!" Specifically here are some amusing answers.... 

 1. Where would you go if someone asked you to go jump in the lake? 

 There is no lake on this side of the city that I live in... Honolulu. We have a huge ocean surrounding the island and numerous places with swimming pools. Lake Wilson on the Island is a huge no no. The few times I have ventured out there, it's pretty nasty. Pass. Jump into the ocean. 

2. Where would you go if someone asked you to take a hike? 

 The easiest but hottest hike is to the Makapu'u Lighthouse. Been there once. Don't intend to do it anytime soon. Too hot. People probably steal stuff from parked cars. I'll settle for a walk around Ala Moana Park. 

3. Where would you go if someone asked you to take a long walk off a short pier? 

You don't want to walk off any pier in Honolulu. Nasty stuff in the water below. Yuck! Short walk around Ala Moana Park should do… Don’t need to jump off any pier…. Maybe the rock wall that runs between the parking lot and the beach sand. 

 4. Where would you go if someone asked you to go climb a tree? 

 At my age, it is too dangerous for me to climb a tree and risk falling. I'll just go home, thank you. 

 5. Where would you go if someone asked you to go fly a kite? 

I've seen people fly kites at Kaka'ako Waterfront Park in Honolulu in the past. I won't got there anymore. It used to be one of my favorite parks. However the homeless have taken over and what I fear the most were reports of off leashed dogs such as pit bulls biting people... No thanks. Too scary to go and take pictures of the sunset or incoming cruise ships.... Cruise ships? I haven't seen one of those things in months! 

Thank government and COVID-19 for that huge downturn. 

By the way I like my eggs scrambled. Non of this raw easy over and sunny side up crap.

Scooters? Not doing that anytime soon.

Questions from Scrivener's Weekly Friday 5 site.

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  1. Totally right about lakes on Oahu, but I've some in some nice freshwater ponds (too small to be lakes, I guess) on neighbor islands; Molokai and the Big Island for sure. :)

    I haven't answered these yet, but when I do I think I'm going to say that pier out past Makapuu, whatever it's called, near Rabbit Island. Or maybe Heeia Pier in Kahaluu.