Sunday, April 25, 2021

Friday 5 for April 23: Re:

This week's Friday 5 questions from Mr. Scrivener.

1. What’s due for renewal? 

In the coming months...

  • Car Registration & Safety Check (ugh)
  • Amazon Prime
  • Dreamhost

2. When did you most recently replace something good with something inferior?

It wasn't recent. I had to replace my old Sony receiver with something less than stellar. May the STR AV560 rest in peace (2012). 😞 

3. What statement did you recently have to recant?

Can't think of anything significant in recent weeks or months.

4. What’s refreshed you this week?

Food usually, but that is nothing new. I had a really great pumpkin custard pie thing from Foodland this weekend. Was very good.

5. What’s a fond memory you have of elementary school recess?

That was eons ago... hmm... I think in the third grade when the crush I had kissed me on the ear... not mentioning any names here. Everyone's grown old and moved on many, many, many moons ago.

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  1. Once I finish decluttering my house I'm going to put together a decent (but not ridiculous) stereo, component by component. What did you get for an infoerior tuner?