Friday, August 12, 2022

Friday 5 for August 12: X³


The five questions this week come from its usual source, the Friday 5 Blog.

Here are the Qs and my As:

1. One lump or two?

Two if I am drinking hot chocolate or something like that. I donʻt do coffee.

2. What was in the last box you received in the mail?

Amazon Echo Dot 4 $19 on Cyber Monday Nov. 2021. See photo here. "Alexa, play Song Quiz..." "Alexa turn on the light." "Alexa play The Beatles"... "Alexa, what time is it?"

"Alexa, kill yourself"... (boink).... heheheh...

3. In those places where you prepare your own soft drink, how much ice do you put in the cup?

None. I only drink water.

4. How do you have your workspace decorated?

With clutter.

5. What’s your favorite dice-driven game?

None, though I recall Monopoly have dice. Been ages since I played that. Otherwise none. Not a roll the dice kind of guy.


  1. I'm mildly surprised that a privacy guy like you would have an Alexa, but heck. If you're an Amazon customer (plus you have a Pixel) you've already given it all up, I suppose. :) I was planning not to get anything on Prime Day, but ended up with two Fire sticks (one for dad and one for me; I LOVE that thing), and while I was there I saw there was a huge sale on my regular dental floss (which I was about to run out of) so I grabbed that too.

    Not a fan of dice games? Aw man. Not even Risk?

  2. I love dice games! I've got to try some of those Alexa prompts.

  3. OK... I've played RISK... the world conquest game I believe... long ago.

  4. Song Quiz is my favorite Alexa game.