Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday 5 for July 24: Usefulness

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1. What’s something in your possession that has long outlived its usefulness?

Smith Corona Coronet electric typewriter exactly like the one pictured here.

2. Who in your life has proven to be a very useful person to know?

It depends on what information or help I need.

3. For group projects requiring collaborative planning and then collaborative execution, in what capacity are you most useful?

Doing some online research or even offline, writing & formatting the report.

4. What’s something someone gave you that you didn’t think much of but later became surprisingly useful?

I got the Smith Corona typewriter (above) as a Christmas gift when I was still in high school. It went with me to college where it was used to type out several reports and papers... this was about the same time the Apple II computer hit the market... but of course our school had no computers except a shared terminal system... which forced me to use the typewriter.

The machine is still around but hardly ever used. I think one of the keys is stuck.

5. What is the most useful book in your house?

Books are mostly for casual reading and information. When I had a DOS computer, a DOS book was handy to have. Manuals for some of my computer application programs were also handy in the old days. Nowdays most manuals are online or in PDF form.

Otherwise it was Webster's Dictionary, but that has been replaced with online.

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  1. I used to have a Smith Corona when I was in school to! I used it A LOT! Computers are great, but I do miss it. Have a great weekend!