Friday, February 4, 2011

Too Much Not Enough - F5 for Feb 4

Power Traveller rechargeable AA batteries

Answers to this week's Friday 5!

1. Who’s not as funny as he or she thinks?

I don't think David Letterman's very funny. But then is he really a comedian? Probably not.

2. What’s not as big a deal as everyone else seems to think?

Global warming, climate change - biggest pile of bullshit since the bull. People on the mainland are freezing their asses off, shoveling snow and skidding on icy roads. Temps way, way down. Global warming my ass.

I'd put President Barrack Obama right behind that or maybe even in the same place. Full of bull again.

3. What’s something people aren’t concerned enough about?

Taxes and the high cost of living in Hawaii. Sadly people are not concerned about this enough to get rid of the local politicians who implement more taxes upon us every year. We need more fiscal conservatives who can cut the budget and wasteful spending. Reduce taxes. No New Taxes!

4. What’s something in the grocery store that’s underrated?

Batteries - you take them for granted, but when you need them, you are happy to find them in a grocery store even if you have to pay more than in a discount or electronics store.

5. What do you pay too much attention to?


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