Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday 5 for January 27 - Storage

A week late but hey, no Friday 5 for this week is posted yet.

1. What are your favorite storage containers like?

Sterilite Show Offs exactly like the one shown above with different colored covers. They're great for storing stuff like CDs, DVDs, small objects, etc.

2. What seems to require more time and energy to store than it’s worth?

I'm kind of a pack rat. Everything has some kind of value... though my floor seems to be a storage area for stuff with nowhere to go.

3. What unusual container are you storing something in?

Long cylindrical cookie can with a rubberized eyeball in it.

4. What packaged product has a container you really like?

My New iPod Touch

Apple products such as the iPod Touch and iPhone. Nicely packaged. Even their computers are nicely packaged.

Ask me about product containers I hate -- I have two words for you: Blister Pack.

5. If you suddenly had some new storage space in your home, what would likely go there?

Most of the stuff I have on the floor (see #2 above).

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