Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Five - Bonus Wednesday

OK here's something new.... from Scrivener's Friday 5 site:

Hawaiian Airlines Flight 382

Hello, and welcome to Bonus Questions for Wednesday, the 5th of March! You know what to do.
  1. What’s on your toilet tank?
  2. What’s on the dashboard of your car?
  3. What’s on top of your fridge?
  4. What’s on your front porch?
  5. What’s on your bathroom sink?
  6. How have you personalized your space at work?
  7. What’s the most you’ve spent on one meal out, and was it worth it?
  8. What’s the greatest height you’ve looked down from?
  9. What animal have you seen in the wild that most people see only in books, in other visual media, or in zoos?
  10. Among songs in your iTunes (or other media player), how many contain the word “eye” or “eyes,” and which is your favorite?
Thanks for participating, and happy middle-of-the-week day!
Answers to Questions:

1. Toilet tank - Nothing mostly but sometimes soap.

2. Dashboard of my car - Nothing unless I put my iPod on top of it.

3. Fridge - The Microwave is on top of my fridge... my fridge is half size so that's why. I live in a small apartment.

4. Front porch - I have none since I live in a condo. Condo, apartment both same to me.

5. Bathroom Sink - Bar of soap

6. Personalized workspace - One of my MacBook Pro's since the official office computers are PCs only.

7. Most spent on a meal out - More than $120 at Ruth Chris Steak House about 3 times a few years ago. More recently $71 at Mediterrano. As long as I am having a meal with a good friend it is worth it. If I eat alone, then Zippys' or Burger King will do fine!

8. Greatest Height Look Down From - Perhaps 32,000 feet from an airplane. On the ground, that would be in 1974 when I went to the 88th floor of the Empire State Building in NYC. I would have gone to the top, but the line for the single elevator was too damn long and we did not have time to wait!

9. Animal in the Wild - Mongoose perhaps, usually running across the road to avoid being hit.

10. Eye songs - Got 123 songs with "eye(s)" in the title. If I go by total plays so far for this year, the two most favorites are "Ebony Eyes" by The Stylistics and "The Story in Your Eye" by The Moody Blues.

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