Friday, June 13, 2014

Frdaiy 5 for June 13: Shopping

Don Quijote Store Kaheka Street

Questions from Scrivener's Friday 5

1. Roughly how many plastic shopping bags do you think are in your house right now, and which store is represented most by them?

I have hundreds, maybe thousands of plastic bags in my home. I am stocking up on them because they will be banned by the environmental wackos and the government sympathizers come July 2015 here in Honolulu. It really sucks to not get a bag for free of any type at your favorite store. This is coming to Honolulu because the government and the environmental wackos think that bags harm the earth. I recycle the plastic bags I get from the store and use them mainly as trash containers instead of buying the more expensive "Glad" type of trash bags that come rolled up in a box. Why use those when stores give out free plastic bags? Have been going on for decades. Why do government think they can always change our behavioral habits? It totally sucks.

The store most represented in my collection is 1. Don Quijote followed by 2. WalMart.

2. Roughly how many gift cards do you possess, and about how much are they worth in sum?

Several, most of them being self bought iTunes gift cards from Apple. They are worth over $50 as a collection.

3. What’s an aisle at your favorite grocery store or drugstore that you pretty much never walk down?

Feminine hygiene products. Have no need for those.

4. When you shop for groceries, are you most likely to grab a shopping cart or a shopping basket? How often do you grab neither?

Basket. Use neither when I know I'm only going in for one quick item.

5. What was the last thing you purchased just in case?

In order - batteries, toilet paper and rice. Hawaii is too dependent on overseas shipping not to have enough of these items. What if there is a natural disaster or worst, a shipping strike?

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