Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday 5 for March 27: Without Lamps, There’d Be No Light

From Scrivener's Friday 5:

"One of my favorite movies of all time celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, and I had the pleasure to see it on the big screen for the first time Thursday evening. I was sixteen when it came out (yes; I’m 46), and too young to see it in theaters then, so although I’ve seen it on cable and DVD at least fifty times, this experience was a first, and it was incredible. So this week’s questions are inspired by that film."

1. When you were seventeen, how did you spend most of your Saturdays?

At home or with friends.

2. What was your high school locker like?

Cluttered if it was not vandalized.

3. When did you last have to replace a missing screw? 

Can't exactly remember. If I take something apart I put the screws in empty 35mm film containers so that they don't get lost.

4. What was the last thing you drank out of a Thermos?

That's a long time ago. Can't remember... probably hot water or chicken soup.

5. Do you still possess anything you created in high school (say, an elephant lamp that lights up when pull the trunk)?

I was on the high school yearbook staff, so that means I still have my senior yearbook from Herff Jones.... are they still in business? Their crummy book binding started falling apart shortly after we got our books. Josten's is better.

Video: "Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds. The song was used in the movie The Breakfast Club as the closing credits ran on top of it. The track also topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 1985.

Molly Ringwald: Loved "Pretty in Pink" and I wish she had gone with Duckie. Haven't seen her in anything recent.

Ally Sheedy: "Number 5 is alive!" "Nice software"... heh heh

It's sad that John Hughes died unexpectedly. "Bueller, Bueller, Bueller?"....

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