Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday 5 for April 10: Opposition

I'm Not For Rail
From Scrivener's Friday 5 website, this week's topic is OPPOSITION.

1. What’s a current political or social issue on which you stand opposed?

There are plenty things to oppose. Here are a few of them:

Honolulu Fixed Rail Project - Too expensive, won't solve traffic woes, mainly lining pockets for developers. Ugly as shit. Tax burden on the public is too great. Stop rail now.

President Barack Obama - Everything about his tenure as president is bad. He is trying to move to country too far to the left. I oppose Obamacare, normalization of relations with communist Cuba, rule by executive orders, outlandish spending for Hawaii and other vacations, arrogant, Benghazi, allowing illegal immigrants to achieve legal status, and much, much more.

More Taxes - Politicians are never to be trusted when it comes to managing government finances because they almost always advocate for increasing taxes. Especially Democrats and liberals. Taxes should be cut.

Need I add more to this list? Not now.

2. What forces have worked against your efforts this week?

More than you would want to know.

3. Would you rather have to climb a steep hill in order to get into your house, or climb a steep hill in order to get out?

I actually prefer flat, level ground. Hills should only be a backdrop that you look at from down below and appear in landscape photographs. Hills and mountains should also be avoided by low flying aircraft.

4. In what way have you recently made things difficult for someone else?

Now why would I want to disclose

5. In what way has the “opposites attract” cliche been true in your life?

Kind of sort of with my current close, friend.

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