Thursday, July 16, 2015

Friday 5 for July 10: Hard Time

Lockdown B&W

From Scrivener's Friday 5 of July 10.

1. What’s the story of someone you know who has spent time in prison?

Person is still in an Arizona prison for murder.

2. What is the most official trouble you’ve ever been in?

Trouble? Me. I'm an angel.... (Harp music playing)

3. What’s the last program you binge-watched?

Thirteen part documentary series - "World War II in color". Good content but the color was mostly computer generated over old black and white footage.

4. What would be good prison nicknames for a few people you know?

"Bully", "Womanizer", "Tank", "Traitor", "Lapdog", "Bookworm"

5. Of the usual prison jobs (library, electrical shop, laundry, cafeteria, gardener, clerical, etc.), which would you ask to be assigned to? Feel free to be creative!

I'd go for Librarian because from what I learned most prisons have a fairly good law library and access to LexisNexis law database services. Plus a good place to spend a lot of time reading all the books, and maybe even get some internet.

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