Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday 5 for October 9: It's Time to Play the Music

I don't see what the following questions have to do with music, but here goes.... from Scrivener's Friday 5 blog:


  1. How do you feel about honeydew and other melons?
  2. How are your little piggies?
  3. What kind of experience do you have with scooters?
  4. What animal frightens you most?
  5. Apples, celery, and walnuts dressed in mayo and served atop a bed of lettuce are popularly known as a Waldorf Salad. What’s your favorite salad with a name?


1. The only edible melon that I like is watermelon!

2. I'm just going to mention The Beatles' song "Piggies" which was written by George Harrison. This keeps it in the realm of "music" which is the strange topic heading for this.

3. None.

4. Dogs. I am not a "dog person".

5. Potato Macaroni Salad has no other name.

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