Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday 5 for October 7: Bacon

1. When did you most recently have bacon, and what did you have with it?

Sometime last year was the last I had bacon. After my surgery I was told to keep away from greasy, fatty, oily foods. I must have had my last bacon with a breakfast food such as eggs and waffles.

2. How do you like your bacon? 

Chopped up and mixed with fried rice.

3. Where do you rate bacon among the standard breakfast meats?

Formerly essential, but sadly not anymore since I should not eat it.

4. What's something unusual you've had with bacon as an ingredient?  How was it?

Perhaps in a turkey sandwich? That is not very unusual.

5. Whats a better aroma to wake up to than bacon?

Bacon has a nice smell. Better than tofu. I'm not a tofu fan. Too mooshy.

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