Thursday, November 24, 2016

Friday 5 for November 25: You, Too

1. What are you too short to do?

Reaching high places.

2. What are you too smart to do?

(Revised answer) - See fears #3 and add any stupid daredevil tricks or anything that makes me look foolish. I also don't drive and text. I don't drink or smoke either.

3. What are you too fearful to do?

Skydiving, Bungee Jumping, Mountain / Cliff climbing, Cliff diving, contact sports. Many other things.

4. What are you too lazy to do?

There are things that I don't want to do - does it mean I am lazy? I put off doing a lot of things that I probably should do.

5. What are you too young to do?

Turn 100 years of age.

The questions taken from Scrivener's Friday 5 site.


Here are my answers for last week's Friday 5:

November 18 Friday 5: Fair Use

1. What was the last thing you put in the freezer not to freeze, but just to chill?

Butter that partially melted at room temperature.

2. What’s a non-food item you’re storing in a zippered, plastic bag?

Accessory cables and gadgets for cameras and computers.

3. What’s the most unusual item you’ve used as a bookmark?

Voter registration confirmation card.

4. What’s something unusual for which you’ve used a kitchen utensil?

Butter knife to open locked door or unscrew something when a screwdriver can't be found.

5. How many different kinds of balls do you have in your house?

I found a small glass ball more than 35 years ago at Clissold's Beach on the North Shore. Counting this one I probably have about 3.... the others being a tin foil ball, and a ball bearing... do marbles count?


  1. OH! I forgot to mention the two floats that I've got, one found and one purchased on line. And the tinfoil balls of three colors, from candy wrappers.

    This week. It's good that you don't text and drive. People are still doing this very dangerous thing! And I'm pretty short, too, but you were probably taller than I was anyway.

  2. Cool on the tinfoil balls. I thought I was the only person that had one. My Mom told me about how they had to make them during the World War II era.