Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday 5 for September 29: Pay Day


From Scrivener's weekly Friday 5:

1. From whom did you receive your first real paycheck?

Village Pharmacy in 1976. So very long ago. Store no longer exists.

2. Among board games involving the exchange of money, which have you enjoyed most?


3. PayDay is the name of a candy bar consisting of salted peanuts rolled in caramel surrounding a firm, nougat-like center. How does it sound to you if you haven’t tried it, and how do you like it if you have? Is there a similar candy bar you like better?

Never had one. Can't eat too much sweets, borderline diabetic.

4. When did you last do something nice for yourself just because it was pay day?

Nothing recently. Paycheck is too small. Have to use that for living expenses.

5. What person with the surname Day are you most familiar with?

Beside the two mentioned on the linked list (Daniel Day Lewis, Sandra Day O'Conner) I know no one personally with the surname Day. The other celebrity that I know with a name sounding exactly like "Day" is Susan Dey, actress who was in the TV series, The Partridge Family in the 1970s and L.A. Law in the 1980s - early 1990s.

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