Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday 5 for October 13: Dear Old Golden Rule Days

1. When did you last raise your hand to be called upon, to get someones attention, or in response to a how many of you question? Or heck, for any reason at all?

Last Friday, October 6. We had a building meeting to address issues with the pipe re-construction project. Raised my hand several times to ask questions.

2. When did you last have to do anything akin to homework?

Currently looking into how to use Constant Contact email software. Also trying to figure out Live POS computer system closing details.

3. When did you and your friends last go outside to play?

I occasionally go on walks with my friend Lisa.

4. How’s your penmanship nowadays?

It is basically good. What do you think?

5. Among stuff you periodically eat, what reminds you most of your lunches in the school cafeteria?

Curry hamburger stew and rice (haven't eaten this in a long time since it has a high salt content). This is the only dish other than certain types of pizza and hamburger sandwiches that may come to mind in comparison to what we had for school lunch back in the day. I also don't eat these foods on a regular basis due to high salt and fat content. Gotta keep that blood pressure in check! :D

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