Thursday, August 16, 2018

Friday 5 for August 10: Great and Small

Steak and Potato

From Scrivener's Friday 5 of August 10.

1. What’s your favorite large, furry animal? 

Cow... I love them on my plate as steak, nearly well done with potatoes and a salad. Yum! Haven't had a steak in a long time! Hamburgers, barbecue and spaghetti with meat sauce are pretty good too. It is too bad with my health conditions I am not allowed to eat much beef or pork products.

2. What’s your favorite large sea creature? 

Kaiwi, Hawaiian Monk Seal

I'll go with the Hawaiian Monk Seal, since I shot one last year. They're kind of cute and hey... at least I am not eating them, because there are a lot of other sea creatures that I enjoy eating.

3. What’s your favorite insect?

Baby Monarch

Monarch Butterfly and butterflies in general because of the incredible metamorphosis they go through to get from baby stage to flying adult.

4. What are your favorite names for pets you’ve known?


The one that comes immediately to mind is my sister's cat, Poof (R.I.P.). Poof got her name from when she was a kitten. My sister had a couple of other kittens back in late 1998 when Poof appeared out of nowhere... well at least it seemed. She was a surprise from one of our cousins who gave her the kitten way back when.

Poof lived for a long time. She was a cat with an attitude. My sister loved Poof from the first time she got her to her very last days. That cat and her were always together at home. The cat's attitude was that she was not friendly with most other people. Poof hated my Dad. She was extremely cautious around my Mom. For me, Poof and I slowly got acquainted over the years to a point, she let me pet her and even curled up on my lap or around my feet.

The cat got used to me because she used to sleep above the area on my sister's desk where the desktop PC was. I used the PC a lot whenever I went to the Big Island for a visit, years before I bought a laptop Mac. It was through the use of my sister's PC  that Poof warmed up to me.

Poof lived for a long time... I mean a real long time. She died in early 2017 at age what... 18 or 19... which is a long time for a cat.

Rest in Peace, Poof. You are missed.

5. Besides unicorns, what are some mythical beasts you wish were real?

The first thing that came to my mind were TRIBBLES, one of the cutest mythical furry animals you'll ever meet. Heh... they are great detectors of Klingon spies, so a must on pre-treaty Federation Starships... of course you have to find some way to neuter them which can be difficult since they are born pregnant!

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