Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday 5 for September 21: “Nine times?” “Nine times!”

The following questions are from Scrivener's Friday 5 blog.

Kahala Beach Sunrise
1. If you were to play hooky on your next regular work day with no negative consequences, and if you could only spend the day by yourself, what out-of-the-house fun activities would you pursue?

a) Shoot the sunrise
b) Take an early morning walk near the beach
c) Go to either Hoomalahia Park or Lyon Arboretum, take photos because it's been decades since I been to the former and never to the latter. Probably try a hike also to Manoa Falls since I also never been there. Shoot more photos.
d) Back to the beach area to shoot sunset photos.

2. In the same situation, what stay-home fun activities would you pursue?

I'd probably end up on my computer doing stuff most of the day, as it is now... Otherwise I'd spend time listening to the many records I have in my collection or watching some movies on DVD or streaming videos.

3. If you played hooky specifically because someone else needed the time off, who in your life would be your accomplice and what would be first on the agenda?

Lisa and just getting out of the house with her would be the first on the agenda. Going anywhere she wants to and making it a day.

4. When did you last visit a museum, and what item on exhibit impressed you?

OK, my last museum visit was the Pearl Harbor Memorial area. There is a visitor's center / museum there that you can visit. Has ton of stuff about the infamous attack in 1941... and of course the whole thing is free. The highlight of course is the visit to the Arizona Memorial which you can only get there by boat. Sadly the memorial is currently close for long term dock repairs. Last went in 2016.

My favorite museum on the entire island is the Pacific Aviation Museum. Love that place. Try to go whenever there is a free admission day or event.

Iolani Palace Evening
That said, Smithsonian Museum Day is tomorrow. You can get free admission to many museums for that day all across the U.S.A. This year I will probably be visiting Iolani Palace which I last went to about eight years ago. They lifted the no interior photos policy a few years back, so it is a good time to return. Shoot pictures. Yes!

5. What’s something you’ve recently gotten away with?

Not disclosing anything here. Heh!

Boeing N2S-3 Stearman
One of many vintage, military aircraft at the Pacific Aviation Museum.

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