Saturday, March 14, 2020

Friday 5 for March 13: Social Distancing

We're doomed.

1. In what ways have recent events altered your everyday life or your plans?

I'm buying more toilet paper, stocking up pack by pack on separate one purchase trips to Don Quijote after buying some bulk packs at WalMart before they ran out. Been stocking up on some other items such as soap.

2. Where’s a good place to dine out if you want to practice comfortable social distancing?

Anywhere that has a drive through window or take out. Spend as minimal time as possible in a crowded venue. Best to stay home and be isolated even if you are not sick. Better to be safe than sorry.

3. How’s your mood lately?

As usual always pessimistic. More so now that we have this COVID-19 virus running rampant. But I've been extremely pessimistic ever since July 11, 2005 when the rail tax became law without the Governor's signature. Now look what we have. A horrible rail that costs way too much money and a virus that will cost us even more money in terms of lost revenue (for state and county) and possibly more taxes and costs thrown at us somewhere down the road. It is definitely no-win situation.

4. If you’re forced to isolate at home for a couple of weeks, what would be your primary source of entertainment?

Nothing much different... spend a lot of time on the computer doing stuff, surfing the internet, streaming music and videos, downloading stuff.

5. How do you think you’d be able to handle two weeks of isolation at home, assuming whoever you live with (if anyone) would do the same?

Probably difficult because I would have to be very careful about exposing her to the virus since she has a weak immune system. One of us would probably have to move out on a temporary basis.

We're doomed. Watch Life After People.

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