Sunday, April 12, 2020

Friday 5 for April 10: Excitement in the domicile

The following questions are from Scrivener's Weekly Friday 5 site.

I guess most of the questions these days address our stay at home lives. Thanks #COVID19.

1. In what way have you recently been naughty?

Generally I am a law abiding citizen, so the chances of me doing anything serious naughty is next to slim. This morning I did take a walk to a closed park and only ventured on the extreme edge of the park, mainly to take pictures of the "PARK CLOSED" signs.

You don't want to venture out these days for much in Hawaii because you risk being caught and fined up to $5,000 and/or jail time. Um... no thanks. I'll just mostly stay home.

2. What’s the closest you’ve been to death-defying these past few weeks?
  • Forgetting to wash my hands sometimes.
  • Forgetting to dodge the unstable and unclean homeless people when I'm out in public. Don't want to catch #COVID19.
  • Just going out of the house can be death defying with all the COVID-19 viruses out there.

3. What temptations have you recently resisted?

I so want to drive and walk into Waikiki just to take photos of the abandoned roads, closed stores, hotels and beaches. This would probably be safe to do in a car, but since I am mostly the only one driving and riding in my car, I don't think I can get decent pictures while driving. Plus it is dangerous to do that, and also breaks the "using a device while driving" statute. It would be easier to do if someone else drove and I just shot pictures. Hmmmm....

4. What’s something you wish you didn’t recently see?

On my early morning walk this week, I was treated to a ghastly sight! Right there on South King Street in plain site, near a small tree.... was... get ready for this.....

A GREAT BIG HUMAN TURD! Oh yuck It was about 10 inches long and it looked like to be 2 inches thick... It was dark brown and a few flies were buzzing around it. How disgusting! Luckily I did not take any pictures of that. The next day as I walked down the same street, it was gone. Somebody cleaned it up.

5. What behavior from others are you excusing nowadays?

When people actively avoid me when I am oncoming. Good. We are all potentially contaminated.

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  1. When my company moved into your neighborhood, some of us noticed that the dog-walkers in this hood aren't as conscientious about cleaning up after their dogs as in other areas. I haven't personally seen any human waste, but of course that wouldn't surprise me either.