Friday, August 7, 2020

Friday 5 for August 7: Polarity

Questions from Scrivener's Friday 5 page.

1. What are the dumbest and smartest things you did this week?

Dumb - Put stuff off for another day. Quite frequent in my life.

Smart - Made a suggestion to a group and they agreed on it.

2. What are the worst and best things you ate this week?

Worst thing I ate: Probably any and all the foods my doctors advise against.

Best Thing This week: Bento bowl from Don Quijote (Chicken, rice, etc.) - also qualifies as one of the worst due to health, salt content, etc., etc.

3. When this week were you unhappiest and when were you happiest?

Unhappiest - When I made my dear friend unhappy. Sorry.
Happiest - When I got help with a couple of items.

4. What did you have too much of this week, and what did you have not enough of?

Too much - Anxiety.
Not Enough of - Money.

5. What are you dreading in the next seven days, and what are you eagerly anticipating?

Dreading - Bill payments
Eager For - Relief

Sorry can't be too specific on these.

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  1. I considered razzing you about the non-specificity until I saw your "sorry" at the bottom. Do what you have to do. And hang in there! <3