Saturday, June 26, 2021

Friday 5 for June 25: ℞

Scrivener's Friday 5 questions of the week.... Rx..

1. What’s your prescription for a case of Weekend Uncertainties?

Deny it all, listen to music, read or watch videos all day.

2. What’s your prescription for a persistent case of Restless Munchies Syndrome?

Eat something or at least drink water.

3. What’s your prescription for Streamer’s Indecision?

Keep on adding more movies and TV shows to the watchlists I have on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and TUBI-TV. After that go to YouTube and watch short videos of just about anything, discover someone's new channel there and add that to my long list of subscriptions or add videos the hundreds of playlists I keep there. Many, many music videos, aviation videos, automotive videos, computers, Android, record collecting and other stuff. So much indecision.

And then I go watch something on some other free streaming service that I don't always view. Hello Pluto TV, Roku Channel, Crackle and Shout Factory. Heh.

There's audio, and while I pay for almost none of it, I do have massive playlists and stations on Spotify, YouTube Music, Accuradio, Tuned-In, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and Audible. Time to listen to another good book or an episode of Classic American Top 40 with Casey Kasem. Yay!

4. What’s your prescription for a hypersensitive Get Off My Lawn reflex?

I live in a condo, so I have no lawn to shoosh people or stray animals from. Simple! Now I just hope my aging multi-story building does not decide to crash down on me in a big pile of concrete and steel. Ugh!

5. What’s your prescription for an inflamed FOMO?

I don't really have a fear of missing out on anything. I am not that much of an "experience" or "thrill-seeker" type of person. I am just happy to be an observer with my camera or at my computer doing stuff or watching a video.


  1. Mel. You know I'm fond of you, but you're one of the most get-off-my-lawn people I know! Except when it comes to music, which for some reason you are extremely open-minded about, you do not suffer the whims and fancies of our younger generations well at alL! It's part of your grouchy charm. :)

    1. As a top 40 radio format listener since I was a kid, it was always about whatever "new" music is popular or around. I'm not fond of most top 40 radio stations today since too much of it is bump and grind hip hop and rap. So in my own radio fantasy, playlist, streaming world, I weed out the rap crap and create lists of new (and old) songs of what I like and should be played if I was a radio station programmer.

      And yes I am grouchy. Part of the aging process I think.