Friday, June 12, 2009

Eat & Drink

I guess everyone who eats has an opinion on what and how we eat. Here's my responses to today's Friday 5 "Eat & Drink" questions.

1. What’s something you will not eat unless you also have ketchup?

I usually like to have ketchup with Meat Loaf.

2. What’s something you will not drink unless it is served on ice cubes?

I like cold drinks but I do not require ice cubes all of the time. Ice cubes are nice when they are available, especially if you can control how many cubes you put in your drink. I do soft drinks only. No alcohol for me.

That all said, I hate when you go to a food place and the cup is filled mostly with ice cubes and not too much soda. Eating places make a lot of money selling soda with mostly ice cubes in them.

3. What’s something you will not eat unless it is served between slices of bread?

Generally peanut butter, but then if I have crackers, I like peanut butter with that too. Lately I haven’t done peanut butter because of recent salmonella poisoning news.

4. What’s something you will not drink unless you have a straw?

Icee! I like the red straw with the scooper at the end. Strawberry icee is my favorite.

5. What’s something else you will not eat except under very specific circumstances?

Beets - unless it is the last food on earth that is available.

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  1. Beets are pretty nasty, I have to agree. :)