Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday 5 June 26: News

WHERE DO I GET MY NEWS is the subject of the questions in this week's Friday 5:

1. Where do you get most of your information about current local (Hawaii) events?

a. Internet websites -,,, Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, Hawaii blogs
b. Radio - KHVH local news, Rick Hamada Show, KSSK Perry & Price when there is a local crisis, NOAA weather radio
c. TV local news - KGMB KITV KHON KFVE
d. local newspaper - Advertiser, StarBulletin, neigbbor island newspapers

The New Honolulu Star-Bulletin

The shrinking size of local newspapers are a signal that their days as a news and advertising medium are numbered. I think we'll be getting most of our news in the future from the internet, if not already. Surely many internet resources are dubious, but we want it for free and if a Tweet passes for news, then so be it.

2. Where do you get most of your information about current national and international events?

a. Internet - Drudge Report, Human Events,, google reader, RSS content from news sites.
b. TV - Fox News, CBS, ABC, BBC, other networks,
c. Radio - KHVH, KHBZ, KHNR conservative radio talk shows, Fox News radio, Rush, Sean Hannity, George Noorey, Jerry Doyle, Michael Savage

3. Who in your family always is most likely to know what’s up with everyone else in your family?

Since I am the only family (myself) here on this island, I get news from me... otherwise on the Big Island, my mom.

4. Who at work (or school) always seems to know what’s going on?

Usually myself, my boss, some colleagues

5. What other kinds of news do you try to keep up-to-date on and where do you get it?

Most of my alternate news comes from the internet - RSS feeds, websites, Twitter feeds, some Facebook and blogs.

Macintosh news - Macintouch,,,,, rss feeds

Other type of news- (no URLs sorry) Politics, Conservatism, Fox News Online, Drudge Report, Palm OS News, blogs, Tech, Photography, Cameras, Radio & Records website (up to early June),, music news, Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, Yahoo Groups, Google groups, science fiction, Star Wars, Star Trek, LOST, TV, radio, movies, IMDB, etc., etc. Who has time to keep up with everything?

Radio - Kim Komando Show

Fallen by the wayside: magazines, other newspapers.

Got a problem with the links? Don't click em!

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