Friday, August 21, 2009

Firday 5 for August 21 - States

Hawaii Statehood 1959

Today, Hawaii commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of its admission to the United States of America. It is a day of celebration for some, while for others it is a day of mourning. This week, the Friday 5 sidesteps the controversy but marks the day with five questions about statehood!

1. Who in your life is most likely at any time to be in a state of confusion?

Um… maybe it is myself!

2. Some people have described nirvana as a state of perfect nothingness. Which of the fifty United States could best be described as a state of perfect nothingness?

I haven’t been to many of the United States but one that comes to mind that has prefect nothingness could be Alaska. They have a lot of land that have barely anything on it except snow, bears, moose, and reindeer. Must be a nice place to visit or to drill for some much needed oil.

Hawaii is probably a runner up as we have a lot of ocean and northern atolls that are part of the state with hardly anything on them either.

3. When were you last asked to state your name and address?

Can’t remember… maybe when I last applied to get new checks from the bank and make sure that data was correct.

4. How many of the United States have you been in?

Let’s see – California, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, New York, Massachussetts, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland, Virginia and Texas… plus Hawaii! So that would be 12.

I only drove into Arizona for about 10 minutes after crossing the Hoover Dam and then turned around. Virginia and Maryland just passed through on a bus to Pennsylvania.. oh I guess we stopped in Virginia since Arlington National Cemetery is there. I remember visiting that. Texas only in the airport awaiting a connecting flight between Florida to Nevada.

5. Why does it seem harder to maintain a positive state of mind than to maintain a negative state of mind?

Because it is way easier to focus on the bad things in life and have those things bother the shit out of you. We often take the positive side of things for granted so much that we probably never notice it.

PHOTO CAPTION: Back in 1959 Hawaii became the 50th State of the Union. There was a huge public celebration. Parades, hula shows, speeches, entertainment, cannon fire and a fly-over where some of the aspects of the far off first celebration. Hawaii people voted for statehood by a 94% margin.

50 years later the celebration of Hawaii's statehood is mired in Hawaiian activist politics. The voices for Hawaii soverignty and secession from the United States is a small but loud minority. As a result the state in fear of not offending these loudmouths, have subdued the 50th observance of statehood.

I blogged about today's statehood here...

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