Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday 5 for August 7: Baseball Clichés

These are my responses to this week's Friday 5, Baseball Clichés.

1. In what way this week did you strike out?

I may strike out if I am not fully prepared for the possible hurricane on Monday.

2. In what way this week did you hit a home run?

I only hit a home run once in my life during 4th grade P.E .baseball. Since then home runs for in my life are non existent. And definitely none this week!

3. In what way this week did you make a twin killing?

I smacked a big ass cockroach with my shoe in our parking garage. But that is only one killing. Not enough to do this question justice.

4. In what way this week did you make a diving save?

I save money every week by not going to the movies; they're too expensive. Cheaper to just wait for the DVD to come out and even after that wait a few more years before several movies that are hot now on DVD are selling for $9 or less at WalMart. And that is a long dive into saving.

I also saved several music and photo files to a new external 500 gig hard drive and some CDs.

5. Who saved the game for you in the late innings?

One of my doctors saved me from a misdiagnosed prescription product.

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