Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Fried Day" for February 5

What's For Lunch?

OK. So this is Saturday. I'm a day late and several dollars short, but who's counting or even cares? Missed last week, but now I am back. Bring on the questions.

1. When you come home from a long day of whatever it is you do and your brain is totally fried, what therapy do you normally seek?


2. Of the myriad of desserts made primarily of fried dough, what is your favorite?


3. Most fried foods are best right out of the fryer, but what’s a fried food that you enjoy cold?

Fried chicken is okay when it is cold.

4. What's the most unusual deep-fried food you've ever tried?

Can't think of any.

5. Where can you get really good French fries?

McDonalds - consistent across most of all of their locations. I'm sure there are better fries elsewhere, but McDonalds comes to mind when I think about good french fry quality all around.

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