Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday 5 for March 12: Deadlines

Vigrass & Osborne

1. When was the last time you had a serious deadline to make, and did you make it?

We have frequent deadlines at my workplace. I have met all of them so far this year. I’ve been at this workplace for 10+ years.

2. Do you generally plan for deadlines, or are they more likely to sneak up on you until you’re frantic?

I generally plan for them. I generally like to start early and hopefully finish early. I am one of those types of people that I just have to be at the airport early for my flight. When I was in school and was the newspaper and yearbook editor (at different times), I always made the deadline… which of course meant staying up late into the wee hours. In those days we did not have Macintosh computers!

3. When did you last set a deadline for someone else, and did that person make it?

At work we have routine deadlines that not only I have to follow, but the rest of our staff. They usually make it.

4. How flexible and understanding are you when it comes to other people meeting your deadlines?

It depends on the task. If another department requires us to meet that deadline I am pretty stringent on us meeting it. Not very flexible in those occasions because the rest of the organization will just leave us behind.

5. What were the circumstances the last time you hung up on someone in the middle of a phone call, or the last time someone hung up on you in the middle of a phone call?

A few days ago someone hung up on me after calling me an "asshole".

Photo: An almost entirely forgotten song called "Mr. Deadline" by Vigrass and Osborne never made a dent on the charts back in its day of 1972.

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  1. ouch... that person is really terrible. i feel for you

    thanks for sharing.